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Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker Review

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Updated August 22, 2022
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Not everyone wants a coffee maker that can mix a million different kinds of beverages and do your housework at the same time. Sometimes you want a good cup of coffee at a price that isn’t hurting the bank. The best coffee maker that fits such a description is the Bodum BISTRO.

Why We Like It – Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker

The Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker does a great job of brewing good coffee at a price that doesn’t hurt your wallet. While you’re here, you might also want to look at our review of the Stircle, which stirs your coffee.

  • Performance matches price
  • Extraction method is great
  • Very sleek design
  • Isn’t SCA certified


What makes the Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker stand out among its competitors (like the Bella 14755 With Brew Strength Selector) is how well it distributes water. Instead of using a traditional drip system found in most, if not all, coffee makers, it has a shower head to evenly wet coffee grounds. After you’ve tossed ground coffee into the filter basket, it takes just under six minutes to heat five cups of coffee. That’s not bad—especially for a smaller coffee maker—however, the Moccamaster KBG 741 heats twice as many cups within the same amount of time. And while we’re on performance, you might also want to read about the 5 reasons why the Krups Infinity Slow Juice Extractor is the only juicer you’ll ever need.


The Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker has such a unique design that we loved. Its matte black finish is rather nice and a breath of fresh air from typical stainless steel (like what you get with its competitor the Bonavita Connoisseur), though its thermal carafe is. Speaking of which, the carafe keeps coffee very warm without losing its flavor, more so than a glass carafe. The water tank is located in the top left corner. As for the filter, the Bodum BISTRO doesn’t use a mesh filter. Instead of a traditional french press, it uses a stainless steel filter, so no cleaning and no need for paper filters. You can compare the Bodum BISTRO with the Scanomat Top Brewer coffee machine that is controlled with an iPhone.


What prevents the Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker from making a great cup of coffee is a lack of SCAA certification. That kind of approval isn’t just handed out for fun. When it is, it’s a sign of great coffee; some of the best coffee. The Bodum BISTRO makes good coffee, but not like an OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker or even Moccamaster KB 741—both of which are SCAA certified.

Still, it doesn’t mean the Bodum BISTRO is without value; quite the contrary. This particular coffee maker is great for making good coffee at an affordable price. That’s where it shines the most—coffee on a budget, and many customer reviews reflect that.

Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker Wrap Up

The Bodum BISTRO isn’t particularly special; it isn’t even SCA certified. Does that make it a bad coffee maker? Not at all! In fact, the Bodum BISTRO’s simple nature is a plus here. When you want a simple cup of good, tasty coffee, the Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker is as simple as it gets.