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WANTED: Boba Fett Kitchenaid Mixer

While you are here, check out the Kitchenaid Pro Line Series – Best High End Immersion Blender. There are few tools that I require in the kitchen, and a mixer is one them; it’s paramount to baking success.  However, as a guy a traditional looking mixer can be a bit emasculating.

Unless of course it looks anything like this Boba Fett Kitchenaid mixer.

The back story:

I asked for a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas, I pointed my wife toward a broken one on eBay so that I could refurbish it, as I was taking it apart I got some inspiration for the paint job and this is what came out of it, still needs a phase board for speed control and two decals to be applied to the sides but I couldn’t wait to share.

Now, that’s a man’s man mixer.

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