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BMW’s 4-series Grande Coupé is Official, Unveiling in March (video)

So if you’re just getting comfortable with the concept that BMW’s 3-series is a sedan, and the 4-series is a coupe, don’t.

Here are images of the 4-series Grand Coupe, which is like the 640i or 650i GC, which I drove late last year.  Styling wise, it’s very much like the 4-series coupe, save for the two extra doors.  And from where I sit, the 4-series GC has the looks to kills.  Or maybe I’m just fed up with the tired 3-series, which are something akin to a rat here in Los Angeles.


Powertrains will be nothing new.  After all, the 3-series and 4-series already share them, which includes a 2.0l 4-banger with 240 horse, and a 3.0l inline 6 that knocks out 300hp.  Course, those numbers are probably understated, as BMW tends to do.  Other official numbers should trickle in once the unveiling commences at the Geneva Auto Show next month.


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