BMW M4 Pics Leaked, Official Deets Coming Tonight

BMW M4-4

Sometime tonight, perhaps as early as 5 or 6pm, BMW will show off its hotly anticipated M4.  Until then, you’ll have to satiate your lust for two door, fire breathing, petrol burning BMWs with these purported leaked shots.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about the BMW 4-series.  If you haven’t been following the proverbial trades, BMW has designated their smaller sedan with the 3 badge, where as the two door coupe of the same class has received a 4-series designation.  Aside from the aesthetics, everything else largely remains the same, including the powertrains from the generation before.  The M4, however, should get an all new engine – likely a twin turbo 6 producing well over 400hp.

That all said, I’ll reserve judgement on the 4-series, and more importantly the M4 until I see it in person.  The BMW website already offers a configurator for the 4-series, and pics located there, much like the 3-series from the generation before, are lack luster.

BMW M4 BMW M4-5 BMW M4-3 BMW M4-2

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