The BMW Concept X4 Crosses An SUV And A Sedan


Most concept cars are just that: Concepts. They’re cars hand-built to show off at motor shows and to demonstrate new technologies, but mostly that technology turns up in other production cars, while the concepts eventually get sold off to private collectors. But sometimes, a concept will come to market… like BMW’s X4.

SUV Meets Sedan

Similar to the X6, but, as you may have guessed, a slightly scaled down version, we don’t know much about the guts of the X4, but we do know that it’s a “sport activity vehicle”, which is BMW-speak for “body like a sedan, chassis like an SUV.”

It’s actually a lot like the X3; it’s slightly wider and slightly lower, but if you enjoyed the X3, you’ll probably go for the X4. Probably the biggest difference is the fact that this definitely has a hatch in the back, but a longer and flatter one.

Begin the Engine

OK, that pun was terrible, but according to rumor, it seems like you’ll have a lot of power plants to choose from. The two-liter turbo four-cylinder is an obvious choice, and it’ll also likely be available in a V6. This being BMW, and thus run by Germans, who love diesel engines, there will also probably be a diesel option, but as usual, good luck finding one of those in most parts of the country. You’ll have a better chance of getting an Xbox One at launch.

Sport Activity Vehicle


It’s unclear what niche the X4 really fits into, but to be fair, the X6 didn’t really seem like any sort of car Americans would want, and even BMW was a little surprised by how well that did. So expect to see quite a few X4s on the road once it arrives next year. And you might even see a diesel!

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