BMW Builds Self-Drifting Car (video)

We’ve all heard of attempts of building a self-driving car, but BMW has really taken the whole self-driving thing up a notch with their very own self-drifting car that they unveiled at last week’s CES show in Las Vegas, NV. They showed off a modified 2-Series Coupe and a 6-Series Gran Coupe that can race around a track and slide around a track like a Formula Drift race car. BMW outfitted both cars with a LIDAR system, 360-degree radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras that can track the environment the cars drive on. All that with BMW’s standard fathers like electronic braking, throttle and steering control, these two prototypes can drive themselves at high speeds, change lanes and slide around corners without the need for a driver behind the wheel! BMW has been trying their hand at autonomous driving tech for a while, first wit their Track Trainer project that used GPS, waypoint markers and uploaded track maps to drive around the Laguna Seca and Nürburgring racetracks. BMW believes that they’ll have full automated cars on the market by 2020. Here, they show the Verge how the 2-Series works!

bmw self driving car

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