BMW 4-Series Coupe Finally Arrives, Pics, Pics and More Pics

I’ve been holding my breath for the launch of the long rumored 4-series.  If you haven’t followed the rumors and leaks, than you probably didn’t know that BMW is heading towards a rebadging of their coupe cars.  So what was once a 3-series coupe will now be known simply as a 4-series.  The 1-series coupe will become a 2-series and who knows what will happen in the case of the 6-series and the Grand Coupe.  But no matter, because all I care about is the new 4-series, which as it happens takes some design cues from the 6-series.

Unfortunately, price, official sale date, and the engine is currently unknown.  But in all likelihood it will go on sale this summer or early fall, and includes a similar if not the same powertrains as the 2013 328i and 335i; a tubro charged 2.0L 4-banger, and a turbo charged 3.0L inline 6, respectively.

Compared to the last iteration fo the 3-series, the all new 4-series sports a 2-inch longer wheelbase, a 1.7-inch wider body, and lower roof line of about .5-inches. We’re hearing that the low fascia won’t make the final cut when it comes to the production model – this isn’t a finalized car – more a prototype – but expect something analogous to appear int he M4, which probably won’t make its debut until 2014 – par for the course.

That said, the pictured LED headlights merge into the iconic BMW kidney grill, as seen in the 2013 3-series.   The rear of the 4-series takes a much more aggressive and bolder approach than its 4-door sibling by integrating the exhaust into the lower portion of the bumper – it’s not a design that I’m immediately on board with, but one I’m sure I’ll come to love thanks to the clean lines.

Inside you’ll continue to find what I believe to be best in class leather trim.  Also, expect BMW’s iDrive to continue through this iteration, and rightfully so, since much like the leather trim and other interior finishes, it’s a best in class system that is responsive, clean, and easy to use.  I’m just a bit disappointed that MOG continues to be the only all-you-can-eat music service that integrates directly into the car’s controls, but maybe BMW will surprise us with a new array of compatible apps upon launch.

As always, expect a test drive, but until then you can hold out and read my BMW 5A Active Hybrid review in the coming weeks.

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