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Bmmpr Smart Alarm Protects Your Car

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Updated June 27, 2022

One of the best car accessories is an alarm.

So you park your car and you go into the grocery store to do some shopping. Then you exit the store sometime later only to find out that someone hit your car and then just left the scene. They didn’t even leave a note. Has this ever happened to you? Well, an accessory just as good as the best rooftop cargo carrier can help.

Bmmpr is Your Car’s Best Friend

If not, you’re lucky. It has happened to many of us. This is just one of the reasons that we need a smart car alarm for our vehicles. So that when something happens, you not only know about it, but you can see what is going on. Bmmpr is that smart car alarm.

This device plugs into OBDII port and what makes it so amazing is that you get an immediate phone notification if your car has been disturbed. By immediate, I mean in under 8 seconds. So now you will know when your car is in trouble. It detects impacts and will even report on the position and intensity of the hit. It also detects break-ins and will alert you before your car gets towed away.

Thanks to a partnership with camera manufacturer, AUKEY, there’s also has a wireless dash cam that connects to the Bmmpr app. So like I said, you will get an image from the camera, along with the details. It may even catch the license plate of the other car who left.

Think of it as your own personal beat cop who is assigned to your car. There are no wires to hassle with and no monthly plans either. It couldn’t be easier. You can Install it in under 3 minutes. Just locate your OBDII port, plug it in, sync it up and that’s it. The only way it could be better is if it started the car for you.

Bmmpr is about more than just protecting your car from harm though. It can also look out for your pets as well since it notifies you if the temperature reaches dangerous levels inside. So now you know that your dog is safe in the car while you are busy.

Bmmpr Smart Alarm Protects Your Car
Bmmpr keeps your car safe.

Bmmpr Has Your Back

This is really something that should be standard on all cars by now, but since it isn’t, at least Bmmpr has you covered. This might be the best car alarm ever.

Bmmpr is available for both iOS and Android.

Al Landes Profile image