Bluesmart Is A Carry-on Suitcase Controlled By Your Smartphone
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Bluesmart Is A Carry-on Suitcase Controlled By Your Smartphone

Bluesmart is an innovative carry-on suitcase which a traveller can control using a smartphone. The suitcase connects with the your iPhone or Android device via dedicated app, which offers plethora of interesting features. You can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track it, and it even tells you if you forget it somewhere, along with your travelling habits. This is right up there with scooter luggage as far as coolness.

The smart locking functionality allows you to lock or unlock your suitcase using your smartphone. The owner gets a notifications if anyone tries to unlock the suitcase by other means. Furthermore, the access can be shared with other people you trust, for instance, your family members who may use the suitcase for travelling purposes alongside you.


One of the major problems while travelling is the weight of the luggage. With Bluesmart, you don’t have to find the weighing scale, the suitcase has a built-in digital scale to find out the weight of the luggage, and if its under the allowed limit of your airline. All you have to do is pull the handle, and it will display the weight of the suitcase on your smartphone.

Users also get the ability to find it if it’s misplaced or left behind through proximity sensors found inside the suitcase, or via location tracking. Interestingly, it also has a front compartment design to carry all your electronics, be it your laptop or you tablet, whatever you want, you can put it inside so it’s easy to take when needed.

While traveling, we tend to run out of juice on our smart devices, but Bluesmart has a solution to that problem as well. It features a built-in battery pack which can charge your smartphones, tablets, e-readers and what not. The company claims it can charge a smartphone almost six times — they forgot to mention the battery capacity on the suitcase. Last but not the least, it also shows users their traveling habits by showing data such as miles traveled, airports visited, time per country, and more through the Bluesmart app.


The project recently went live on Indiegogo, and is seeking $50,000 to kick off mass production. At the time of writing, the company managed to raise over $8,000, and will end on November 24th. The suitcase’s expected retail price will be $450, but Indiegogo users can get early access to it for just $195, but keep in mind that it’s limited. Head over to the Bluesmart Indiegogo page to get more information about the project.

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  1. Armin Polvich

    There are no weight limits on carryon and you carry your luggage with you everywhere so why do I need to track it or scale? Why is the case so heavy not practical. I do not see a warranty? Every company offers a warranty what if the electronics to not work or break? I also I did some research and they claim they are “the worlds first” but it looks to me they copied this idea from bags2go?

    see below link:

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