The Bluelounge Backpack Can Haul All The Things


While some people will continue to insist on the briefcase, because they enjoy shoulder injuries, most of us have finally admitted that with all the stuff you have to haul around, a backpack is really the best tool for the job, even if it’s just a subwoofer on your back. And Bluelounge has made a killer backpack for the modern computer-hauling individual.

Roll It Up

Needless to say, at $160, this is not your typical Jansport special. The first and most distinctive feature is the top, which instead of your typical zipper is instead a folding top. Roll it up to ensure the tightest possible coverage, fold it over if you’ve got a lot crammed into the small space, whatever makes sense for you. That’s a welcome versatility already, but this backpack isn’t done yet.

Pockets. Lots Of Pockets.

True, a laptop pocket is fairly standard on high-end backpacks, and Bluelounge’s version will fit up to a seventeen-inch Macbook Pro. But theirs goes the extra mile with an iPad pocket lined with neoprene in front of the laptop pocket. No more putting your tablet in a case and then between two books to ensure it doesn’t bounce around!

All of that is in the extra large central compartment, but there’s also the traditional pockets on the front of the bag, and a hidden pocket on the side secured with a zipper for any valuable documents you’ve got to keep on your person. And, for extra durability, everything’s made out of aluminum and tough fabric made out of recycled plastic.

Back It Up

Yeah, $160 is a lot to pay for a backpack, but increasingly, we keep everything we need on our backs. Besides, there’s a certain appeal to having everything neat and orderly on your back, especially when it’s a few thousand bucks’ worth of consumer electronics. The Bluelounge Backpack is available now.

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