Blueair Sense Air Purifier Review

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Updated January 6, 2023
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Looking for the best HEPA air purifier? There are few products that have been able to achieve a design aesthetic that is on par with Apple, Dyson, and those alike. So who would’ve thought that one of those companies to achieve such would be a maker of one of the best air purifiers? I sure as hell didn’t.

The Blueair Sense is unlike any air purifier I’ve ever used, let alone ever laid eyes on. From the looks of it, the all-white box has been carefully designed to be both simple and tasteful – the top of it is covered in tempered glass.

Most other air purifiers look analogous to a plastic tower fan that can be purchased for $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond. That in mind, though, the BlueAir Sense isn’t cheap; it costs $479 and likely performs as well as other air purifiers that cost perhaps half that. But, compare Austin air vs Blueair to see which one is better.

In addition to an “ion charging process” to clean the air, the Blueair Sense uses a traditional, and proven effective, HEPA filter. Unfortunately, the Blueair Sense’s HEPA Filters are not reusable and must be replaced periodically, just like the Coway Airmega 200M.

A tough proposition to swallow, especially since replacement filters cost about $80, though they should last for some time. How long will each one last? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you, and nor have I had to replace my filters – I’ve been using the Blueair Sense for over two months without any indicator to do so. If you’d love an air purifier that comes with a humidifier, then you should take an interest in our Boneco Air Washer w200 review.

Just plug it in to power on the Blue Air sense and then wave your hand over the glass surface. If done correctly, a small circle will illuminate, and the Blueair Sense’s fan will kick on. Perform the same action again, and a second circle will appear, indicating that it is now at speed 2. There are three speeds available, and the fourth swipe will power off the Blueair Sense. That’s it. That’s how you operate the Blueair Sense.

That all in mind, the Blueair Sense is designed to be used in rooms that are up to 150 square feet. The company recommends that you keep windows and doors closed to improve the air purifier’s efficiency. I left my open, and while it’s difficult for me to gauge my room’s air quality, I haven’t experienced any of the same problems I had before my time using an air purifier – it’s been a few years since I started using one.

This brings me to my next point: the Blueair Sense seems to accomplish the same effect as other, cheaper air purifiers that I’ve tested. However, the Blueair Sense is easily and by far the best-looking that I’ve tested. And while I can’t suggest that one pay the premium for that alone, I can attest that it works well, looks great, and is very easy to use.

You may want to check out our Blueair Classic 605 review if you want a premium purifier with several extra features.

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