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When it comes to indoor air purification, Blueair manufactures some of the best hybrid filtration units in the business. The Blueair Classic series utilizes a well-engineered ionization process which helps aid air contamination via HEPA and carbon filters. This unique approach ensures Blueair units can be made lighter than many others and still outperform many competing purifiers. Here are some key factors to look for in air purifiers like this one.

Our review of the Classic 605, Blueair’s medium-sized air purifier demonstrates the excellence in design, function, and customer-centered focus that the company can be expected to deliver on its products. Check out the full Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier Review below.


WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Excellent air purification for mid-sized spaces.

Price: $899 on Amazon
Available: Now
Model: Classic 605

Summary: The Blueair Classic 605 is a phenomenal, WiFi-enabled air purifier that uses a traditional HEPA and activated carbon filter assembly in conjunction with an ionization unit to remove allergens, dust, pollen, gases, and VOCs from the air.

What We Liked

  • Large machine (26x20x13 inches), but super lightweight (35 lbs)
  • Solid purification with less ozone output than input
  • Sleek design
  • Quite operation

What We Didn’t

  • Smart app can be buggy
  • WiFi features for 605 are limited to fan speed, and LED intensity
  • No exterior pre-filter and dust collects on metal opening

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier Specifications

Blueair Classic 605
Max Coverage775 Sq Ft
CADR (Smoke)500 cfm
Air changes per hour5
Weight35 lb
Max Noise62 dB
Max Electrical Consumption100 Watts
Warranty1 year (upgrade to 5 year with registration)
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Simple, attractive packaging houses the Classic 605, and presents owners with product literature on top and a quick start guide to get up and running fast. Made in Sweden, Blueair products are solidly constructed and demonstrate the functional and stylish design that Swedish products are so well known for. They keep things simple, to the point, and focus on the important things first and foremost: keeping your air as pure as possible.

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier
A simple, classic design that effectively removes pollutants from the air.

Blueair’s Classic 605 is designed for relatively large areas that are in need of a powerful purifier. Meant for rooms as large as 775 sq ft, the machine pulls air through an internal inonizer, pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter via two side air intakes and one bottom intake before returning purified air back out from the mesh grate at the top and upper sides of the unit. This airflow design reduces noise created by the machine and improves overall efficiency due to the multi-path intake. Owners should ensure that there is at least 12″ of clearance from walls, or other obstacles, in order to reduce the potential of inhibiting airflow circulation.

The purifier measures 26″ (h) x 13″ (w) x 20″ (d) and can fit comfortably in most living spaces although, if you have a smaller bedroom you can expect the 605 to take up a good portion of a corner – we recommend the 605 for living spaces between 400 and 700 sq ft in which you have at least three to four feet of clearance from the machine and a walking area.

It’s a very lightweight machine compared to other comparable air purifiers that we’ve reviewed (31 lbs vs Austin Air’s Healthmate at 45 lbs). The machine’s ionization module helps to reduce the amount of filter material needed to effectively remove particulate from the air. Upon passing through the ionizer, particles are charged and then attracted to fibers within the carbon and HEPA filter array. Filter replacement was easy too, and after approximately six months of use, the filter assemblies can be quickly removed via the top of the device (three filters total) and discarded. Replacement filters for this machine and other Blueair models can be found on its website.

Total Estimated Annual Maintenance and Operating Costs (with Classic filter): $240

Total Estimated Annual Maintenance and Operating Costs (with SmokeStop filter): $380

Replacement filters come in two different versions, allowing consumers to pick the best filter based on their individual needs. Classic filters are designed to remove the most irritants possible from the air; these are ideal for consumers that are concerned about pollen, dust, and pet dander. SmokeStop filters on the other hand use activated carbon, and are better suited for areas in which toxic gases, tobacco smoke, and VOCs are a concern.

We’ve mentioned in previous articles that air purifiers creating ozone weren’t typically preferred over traditional, purely mechanical filtration methods, but we make an exception for Blueair products. Studies show that the manufacturer’s air cleaners produce less ozone than they create.


Blueair Mobile App
Blueair’s iOS application

The 605 is one of the simplest air purifiers to control that we’ve reviewed thus far. Everything is straightforward, simple to setup, simple to connect, and super easy to use. In our testing we had a few issues with connectivity to the device through the app, but when it wasn’t buggy we were able to control fan speed, LED lighting, child lockout, and run time scheduling with ease.

Blueair “i” models have a built-in air pollution module which can detect indoor air quality levels, and control fan speed based off of needs. The non-“i” 605 model does not have an on-board indoor air quality sensor, so air quality can’t be tracked with the purifier alone. Blueair does sell a separate indoor air quality device (Blueair Aware) that can talk to its purifiers, but we didn’t have an opportunity to test that device. However, the Blueair smart device application does report outdoor air quality based on a user’s geographical settings.

Blueair Classic 605 User Interface
The Blueair Classic 605’s sleek, simple interface

The unit’s physical interface is simple enough. One soft-press button controls three fan speed settings and cycles the unit from off to on. A filter life indicator and WiFi connectivity light sit adjacent to the fan speed button. When a preset amount of time has passed after setup, the filter indicator on the purifier will turn orange indicating that it is time to replace the filter set.

Replacing the filter and holding down on the filter light for five seconds resets the filter life indicator, and though we would like to see a differential pressure sensor regulate the filter replacement indicator since people use these devices differently, this is still a good enough alternative.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for nearly all of Blueair’s products exceeds most other air purifiers tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). The Classic 605 has been rated at 500 for smoke, 500 for dust, and 640 for pollen – all impressive numbers. 

Wrap Up

Overall, the Classic 605 is an outstanding machine that deserves a place among some of the highest performing, consumer-grade air purifiers on the market today. We highly recommend this purifier for family rooms, or large bedrooms, that want an air cleaner for medical-grade control of allergens, dust, pollen, gases, and VOCs.

Expect to spend approximately $230 every six months on filter replacements if you use the purifier 24 hours per day (4,380 hours). Energy consumption varies based on fan speed setting. Low consumes 15 Watts, medium consumes 65 Watts, and high consumes approximately 105 Watts. With an average user running the purifier on medium for 70% of the time, high for 20%, and low for 10%, expect electrical consumption to cost approximately $80 per year.

Blueair manufacturers some of the best air purifiers on the market and the company’s CADR ratings from the AHAM help to back up that claim.

While CADR ratings aren’t everything, they do paint a nice picture of machine capability and help consumers compare relative air purification effectiveness. The 605 is a Gadget Review top pick for any consumer looking to buy a large, powerful, and effective air purifier for their home.

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  1. Very poor customer support, no one responds even after no. Of complaints. Spare parts are very costly like 6000/- for filter. Within 6 months my filter need to be replaced. Sensor not working and with poor customer support I’m in a fix. Don’t know what to do. What a waste of money. Highly disappointed!!

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