Looking for the best air purifier for a living room? You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for the best large room air purifier money can buy—just trust the Blue Pure 121. It handles large rooms beautifully, thanks to its CFM rating, one-button control, and 360-degree airflow.

Why We Like It – Blue Pure 121

The Blue Pure 121 has such a strong air delivery rate, it makes it all the more incredible with its 360-degree airflow system. It covers large areas, up to 620 sq ft, with ease—and it’s energy-efficient.

  • Strong, clean air delivery rate
  • 360-degree air flow filtration system
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Doesn’t use a True HEPA filter

Power & Speed

Compared to the Levoit Core 300, the Blue Pure 121 has almost twice as much CFM. Its peak performance is 400 CFM, yet has a very quiet operation. That kind of power further helps it filter out the current air several times in one hour; in fact, the Pure 121 issues five air changes per hour, so air quality is almost always being improved.


The Blue Pure 121’s big boy power does help it cover a lot more square footage. For the best performance, its room size limitation is 620 square feet. Anything more than that and you might as well go with the Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier. The Pur 121’s power is also easy on energy, which you can see by its Energy Star certification. That said, you can check out our Blueair 211 review or our Blueair Blue Pure 411 review if you want air purifiers with a one-touch system.


On top of having great power, the Pure 121 compounds its performance with two fantastic design features: a 3-stage filtration system and 360 degrees of airflow. It starts by sucking in air, in a 360-degree flow, straight to fabric pre-filters (and washable), which handle large particles. The particle filter handles dust, dust mites, pollen, and even pet dander, while the activated carbon filter handles odors caused by your pets, kitchen smells, and smoke. The particle carbon filter is fantastic, but it isn’t True HEPA technology, not like the Coway Airmega 400 uses. Moreover, for a dual humidifier/purifier device, you’ll want to read our Boneco Air Washer W200 review.


The diva Blue Pure 121 isn’t just powerful, but also well-built, and easy to set up just like the Airdog air purifier. It has a steel mesh for the lower housing, which keeps the filter from rattling around inside. And the chassis is a hard, high-impact-plastic to keep the motor protected and overall sturdiness. It may also be worth checking out the Bissell air purifier review.


Who is this for, then? Living rooms, kitchens, and similarly sized rooms. We understand $450 is a lot to drop on an air purifier, but its design and overall power definitely warrant it. The fact that you’ll almost always be breathing clean air is a godsend—especially if you live in the city. Just remember filter replacements are necessary, but can be costly, whereas the Alexapure Breeze filters are just about $80.

Blue Pure 121 Wrap Up

Everything the Blue Pur 121 does is of high quality, from its low noise levels, to its airflow performance. Sure, a True HEPA filter would’ve been better, but it has a filter to act in a similar fashion. It has a quiet operation, it’s incredibly efficient, and has a 360-degree airflow design for better coverage.

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