Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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While some polishes are marketed for cars particularly like the Flitz Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner the Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream works on all surfaces and leaves a lasting protective coating behind to give some safety from rust and grime. You always need to use the best tools for satisfactory results.

Why We Like It – Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream

The Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream removes tarnish and oxidation on different types of aluminum and chrome. The Blue Magic is one of the best aluminum polishes, as long as you make sure to clean using a microfiber cloth or you can also use a clean cloth that removes water spots. Before you buy, check our Best Aluminum Polish to know which one might be best for you.

  • Non abrasive
  • Removes tarnish & oxidation
  • Can be used with buffers and polishers
  • Requires a microfiber cloth


When compared to the other top sellers like the Mothers 05101 Mag Aluminum Polish the Blue Magic 400 doesn’t quite stack up primarily in the fact it’s slightly cheaper, that’s not to say it doesn’t get the job done, just that when used on stainless steel it can takes a little bit of elbow grease when you whip it off. That being said it works on just as many surfaces as Flitz, brass copper sterling silver aluminum stainless steel and even gold. If you are a beginner painter looking for affordable acrylic paint, read our Blickrylic student acrylic paint.


The polish itself is a cream making it simply to apply with any old rag, but it does seem to require a microfiber cloth to remove easily, the jar it comes in is a simple plastic jar whose lid is a simple twist off.


With free shipping throughout the United States the Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream is among the best options even the Chemical Guys SPI_402_16 Restorer Protectant will cost you more. When it comes to hex tools, you need to check out our Bondhus 12522 gorilla grips review.

Blue Magic 400 Metal Polish Cream Wrap Up

The residue that’s left behind is the biggest problem for it and to some it’s a deal breaker, meanwhile many others see it as gold removes the crud and builds up with little problem or complaints.