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USB gadgets are ubiquitous nowadays, and most people use a USB powered stroller fan to keep their children cool. And most love a personal fan that has flexible use cases. The BLUBOON Clip On Fan is precisely that. And that makes it not only the best stroller fan but also the best camping fan at its price.

Why We Like It – BLUBOON Clip On Fan

The BLUBOON Clip On Fan provides pretty much everything on par with other USB fans available at a higher price point. The big foam-padded fan clip is versatile and user friendly. And the 360 degrees adjustability works very well.

  • Good quality DC motor
  • 360 degrees adjustments
  • Almost 1 meter long included micro USB charging cable
  • Charging time is a bit high at ~4.5 hours


The BLUBOON Clip On Fan is a decent performer for both kids and adults. This portable mini desk fan has adjustable speed settings. And it provides good airflow speeds both outdoors and indoors in a place like a home office. But the COMLIFE F170 Clip On Stroller Fan is the best in terms of battery life.


This is one part this battery powered fan misses a little. It’s made out of cheap glossy ABS plastic that is prone to break easily. And as always, the downside of shiny plastic is it getting scratched up quickly. But the internal components are high quality and well made. If you really need a matte black exterior, spend a bit more and get the OPOLAR Clip Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

Even with its small grills (to prevent kids from sticking their finger inside) and smaller than usual sized fan, it’s incredibly quiet. At max speed settings too, this battery fan is barely audible. You can easily use it as a desk fan beside your computer accessories while working. And obviously, while using this portable fan as a baby stroller fan, it’s going to be whisper quiet.

Versatility/Modern Features

The BLUBOON Clip On Fan has flexible use cases, as mentioned before. The giant clip fits very well on a car seat to keep your little one cool in a car. But while running it through the USB powered mode, you can only run it at one speed mode; different speed settings are disabled. And that is a big downside as other portable clip fans allow you to recharge and being speed adjustable at the same time. If your stroller is too thick for it to clip on, get the Amacool Tripod Stroller Fan instead.


Coming with an included 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery and almost a meter long micro USB cord for charging, the BLUBOON Clip On Fan is excellent value for money. But there are other similar fans available with the same feature set at lower prices too on amazon.com.

BLUBOON Clip On Fan Wrap Up

The BLUBOON Clip On Fan is pretty compelling with its size and features. If you get this fan, you’re definitely going to be happy with your purchase as it ticks most of the boxes a great portable fan often needs to.

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