BLU JOY Cell Phone Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re not looking for the best smartphone and simply want the best cell phone for seniors, then you may be considering the Blu Joy (one of many Blu products created for an older audience). This dual SIM phone offers a no-frills cell phone experience that is capable enough for daily use and simple enough for even the least tech-inclined to figure out.

Why We Like It – BLU JOY Cell Phone

The BLU JOY Cell Phone offers a simple solution for seniors. This mobile device has dual SIM card capabilities, can be used on your network of choice, and even has a built-in SOS button for emergencies.

  • Dual-SIM Capabilities
  • Large Easy-to-Use Buttons
  • Flashlight, SOS, and FM Radio Features
  • Small Display
  • Not Compatible With 3G Networks

Overall Performance

This phone offers an MP3 player, video player, internet capabilities, SOS button, and dual SIM capabilities. You can keep your domestic SIM while using a different SIM (in the same phone) overseas. Back home, the dual SIM card feature allows you to have both a personal and a business phone number on the same device. Unfortunately, the biggest limiting factor is the technology the JOY uses, which is 2G. As most phone carriers are switching to 3G and 4G networks, it may be hard to find a 2G network in the near future. You can also choose to get a simple smartphone such as the LG Stylo 5 that offers you everything you need in a smartphone at an affordable cost.

Battery Life

Unless a senior is constantly on their cell phone (in which case they may prefer something more capable like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus), the battery life of the BLU JOY should be more than sufficient for daily use. The phone is rated for up to 12 hours of calling per charge, which for the average senior should last between 2 to 3 days. The device comes with a proprietary charger, so you won’t have to explain USB-C charging to the senior in question.


The display on the BLU JOY is nothing special. At only 2.4”, it should be adequate for basic use but will be hard on the eyes if used for extended viewing. Unlike the Easyfone Prime A1, this phone only has one display, which means that the screen will need to be turned on to check the time, missed messages, etc. The positive side of a small screen is extended battery life, but seniors with poor eyesight may have trouble seeing the numbers they’ve typed into the phone due to its small size.


Compact phones are often very durable, and the BLU JOY is no exception. Even if the senior in question is fairly lax when it comes to taking care of their phone, the JOY shouldn’t have any trouble remaining undamaged. The plastic shell of this phone is resistant to damage, and the leather pattern on the back of the phone makes it easier to hold on to. While it is possible to break the screen, short of smashing it directly onto concrete, it is highly unlikely you will do so.


The BLU JOY is currently a great value for seniors, costing only $29.99 in your choice of color: black or red. Both the J010 Black and the J010 Red offer the same features, so you won’t have to choose between color and capabilities. Long-term value is another thing though because (unlike the Nokia 3310 TA-1036) these phones only run on 2G networks. As most carriers are switching to 3G or 4G networks, you may not be able to use this phone for much longer. Still, at less than $30, it provides a good value for the moment.

BLU JOY Cell Phone Wrap Up

As a cheap cell phone option for seniors, the BLU JOY Cell Phone offers a decent variety of basic features that are perfect for low-frequency users. The lack of future support is concerning, but if you just need a phone for your elderly mother, father, or another relative at the moment, then the BLU JOY Cell Phone will do just fine.

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