Bloody Gaming SP Series Gaming Mouse Review

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Updated November 1, 2022
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This may be the best gaming mouse around for casual gamers.

The right gaming mouse can make or break your game when you’re playing a highly competitive game online or just a casual game session with your friends. Sure, you love your headsets and your gaming keyboards, but the right mouse can give you the edge that you need to win. The Bloody Gaming SP Series might be your final touch to enhance gaming sessions. Bloody Gaming recently launched its all-new Signature Pro (SP) series of high-performance Optic-ALL gaming mice, and they are packed with everything you need to gain a competitive edge and only what you need to win.

Great Design, Great Features

The Signature Pro series has a sleek design that’s reminiscent of a small tabletop stealth fighter, and they have technology inside to match that aesthetic. These mice feature Bloody’s Light Strike (LK) optical switches in the L/R trigger buttons and a Light Strike scroll wheel sensor for scrolling smooth as butter. This is important because LK optical switches have a crazy fast response time of 0.02ms and are good for 50M+ clicks.

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Sleek design
Smooth and precise tracking
Good customization

Not for gamers who want tons of excessive features

The idea here is to keep it simple. There are no gimmicks or overly-engineered designs here. Just proven ergonomic designs with the right curves for various grip styles. Simple and effective. Ultimately that simple strategy is what wins you games with your gaming peripherals. If you’re looking for a similar option, you can always check out the Tt Esports Volos gaming mouse review.

Other features of the Signature Pro series include a Metal X Glide Armor Boot for smooth and precise AF tracking no matter what surface you are using, Pixart adjustable CPI optical sensors, 6 Sniping Modes for instant DPI switching to match mouse speed to gameplay needs, and 8 programmable buttons. So essentially, this mouse has more buttons than the Logitech G100S, which is perfect for those who need just the right amount of buttons.

Bloody Signature Pro (SP80)

The SP80 is geared toward professional gamers, with a lightweight body design and an ergonomic shape that is ambidextrous. It has the aforementioned left and right trigger buttons with Light Strike Optical Switch technology and Bloody’s optical scroll wheel sensor. The optical gaming grade sensor and X Glide metal feet keep everything friction-free and accurate. It compares favorably to other mouse devices like the Cooler Master MM710 review.

Bloody Signature Pro (SP30)

The SP30 is designed for e-sports gaming, with a minimalist style, and an ergonomic design for right-handed users. It is basically an all-purpose gaming mouse that also happens to offer gaming precision and tracking. This model has three shooting modes in the left button, six sniping modes, and finely-tuned macros for customization. This mouse will win you the campaign for sure. However, the

Bloody Gaming SP Series Gaming Mouse Review
The SP series is streamlined for ease of use.

A Simple Way To Up Your Game

Bottom Line

Both the SP80 and the SP30 live up to the hype. Both are as smooth as the company says and as accurate too. I tested each for several hours, and I have to say that I’m convinced that they helped my game. Both are comfortable to use, and it was pretty refreshing to use a gaming mouse that wasn’t overly complicated. The simplicity really helped me to stay on target, so to speak, because it was easy to know which function did what. The simple designs here really help you to stay in the game and do what you need to do quickly. PC gaming is better with these mice.

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