Blix Aveny Review

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Updated January 27, 2023
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The best e-bikes for women tend to incorporate a low step-thru design, which the Blix Aveny has. This makes it easier to mount and dismount when necessary. You’ll be doing that often, considering the bike will take you 45 miles in any direction at 20mph, while Tektro mechanical disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in rain or shine. It is a great option for some to consider the best electric bike.

Why We Like It – Blix Aveny

For an awesome, all-purpose electric bike, the Blix Aveny is fitted with a powerful 500W motor for tackling hills, while the bike rack in the back and excellent brakes make it perfect for commuters. In case you are an entry-level cycling enthusiast looking for a chunky rubber-tired bike that provides comfortable rides, read the Biktrix juggernaut classic bike review.

  • Stylish & powerful w/ 500W motor; 20mph top speed
  • Superb Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Max rider height of 6’2”
  • Long recharge time

Durability & Build Quality

To help with costs without sacrificing build quality heavily, the frame is an aluminum low step-through frame, as opposed to high step frames that are difficult for shorter people. The battery is protected by the frame, just under the seat post and behind the seat tube. The faux leather seating is both comfortable and stylish. Blix used thinner wheels reinforced by Kevlar. For a fast and adventure-ready bike, open up the Boardman ADV 8 9E review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

With a 500W motor coupled with pedal assist, you’ll be zipping through scenery at 20 miles an hour, which outplays the 250W motor on the Lapierre eSensium 300, and is on par with the expensive, $5000 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45. More importantly, the Shimano Acera derailleur is grouped with the Shimano RevoShift for 7 speeds. It’s a nice variety of speeds for some light terrain action.

Range & Battery

The Blix Aveny Electric Bicycle isn’t skipping out on its battery, either. On a single charge, you can travel up to 45 miles. This translates to nearly 2 hours of travel time. However, it comes at the cost of nearly 7 hours of charging time. Compared to the BESV TRB1, which can get a 115-mile range and recharge in 6 hours, this is kind of a bummer.

Safety Features

The star of the show is the Tektro mechanical disc brakes, which are comparable to Shimano, considering they often use the same padding. These brakes have excellent stopping power in both rain and shine. This is in addition to the front headlight, reflectors, and brake light. We also really liked the unique power cut-off feature that cuts power to the motor when you use the brakes! However, if you would like a bike that uses Shimano hydraulic brakes, you can check our Cube compact electric bike review to see if it fits your needs.


The Blix Aveny E-Bikes don’t want to be pegged into a single purpose; they’re more of an all-purpose e-bike. This is seen by its powerful 500W motor that does beautifully on hills, while its disc brakes, long battery, and rear rake give it solid performance as a commuter’s bike. And since it’s priced at just $1599, it’s perfectly priced for budget, unlike the Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro. If you need to go cheaper, however, we have you covered with our guide for the best cheap electric bikes, so you can be sure to find one for your budget.

Blix Aveny Wrap Up

The Aveny Blix Bikes really come into their own as the ideal, well-rounded commuter’s bike for riders up to 6’2”—with some additional power for joy rides and some light off-road fun. Its 500W motor and mechanical disc brakes make that a reality. It has a long recharge time but is otherwise stylish and powerful.