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Blink XT2 Review

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For those looking for the best spy camera that also doubles as an indoor and outdoor security camera, you already have every reason to trust Blink XT2 camera. Underneath its tiny exterior is all the fittings a security system needs: live feed, two way audio, night vision, and high quality video recording. If you are looking for the best hidden camera, you need to look at many other options before settling on one.

Why We Like It – Blink XT2 review

A complete package, the Blink XT2 provides every feature necessary to create an indoor/outdoor security system such as night vision, HD video recording, and live feed. For a smaller hidden camera, read the Swann remotecam video camera and recorder dvr 410 review.

  • Huge improvement over original Blink model
  • Excellent for indoor outdoor security system
  • Amazing battery life
  • You get only one camera
  • It’s clearly a camera


We were stunned by the performance of the Blink XT2; it blew its previous model out of the water. For starters, it records video at 1080p, which is clear and crisp. Since it’s also Wi Fi capable, it can provide a live view of said video.

“But that’s not enough,” Blink said. So they added customizable motion detection. You can pick and choose activity zones for the camera to keep an eye on. If it picks something up with its impressive sensors, it’ll record said motion until it stops, which you can then review later.

This makes it perfect as an outdoor camera, considering it’s also equipped with infrared HD night vision. And it can provide all that for up to two years, thanks to its amazing battery life. Its performance easily tramples the DivineEagle Premium Smartphone Charger with Hidden Spy Camera.


The design of the Blink XT2 makes it really easy to set up. If you order just one camera, a sync module will come with the package. You create an account with the Blink app, set up the sync module, and then connect the cameras. The entire setup can also be linked to other smart home devices, specifically Amazon Alexa.

You may have noticed, however, that the cameras themselves don’t appear to fit the realm of “spy.” And that’s true, but they’re rather small and can easily go unnoticed—especially if you leave them in smart locations. It’s similar in design to the SIRGAWAIN 1080p Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera.


There is so much crammed into the Blink XT2, that it feels like you’re ripping the company off if you purchase one of their cameras. It has everything a security system should have, from night vision to two way talk if there’s a visitor. What makes the deal even sweeter, is the additional free cloud storage, with no monthly fees or contract, for up to a year!

There’s only one itty bitty problem: you only get one camera. Thankfully, there are packages you can purchase that include additional cameras, up to 5, with the option to add more. It makes for a better security system than a series of Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clocks.

Blink XT2 review Wrap Up

The Blink XT2 is a tough workhorse that will keep your family aware of any outside threats and inside threats, and is a major improvement over the original Blink cameras. All of its features—night vision, high quality video recording, live video, two year battery life—culminate into one impressive home security system. Getting one camera is a bummer, but you can always add more.

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