Blink Video Doorbell System + Amazon Echo Pop for a Ridiculous Low $34.99 (68% savings)

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Need a new video doorbell? Want a screaming deal you can’t pass up? Good news. Amazon has the Blink Video Doorbell and Echo Pop for a ridiculously low $34.99, exclusively for Prime Members. Usually, this bundle costs $109.98. So, why this doorbell?



Save $75

Security couldn’t come cheaper. Just bear in mind you’ll need a Prime membership to access this deal.

CNET rated it 7.4/10 and TechRadar gave it 3.5/5 stars. They may not be the 5 stars we all want, but considering the cost, it’s hard to say no to this. It features 1080p video (good enough for most needs), Alexa integration, and up to two years of battery life. The doorbell also supports two-way audio and motion detection and can be controlled via the Blink Home Monitor app. The Echo Pop adds full Alexa functionality in a compact form and all the while means you’ve got another speaker at your disposal. In fact, that speaker alone costs $40, so you’re, in effect, getting the doorbell for free!

Last note here: you can subscribe to a Blink plan to save the video. But unlike some other doorbells, you can also store the videos locally. How cool is that?! You’ll need to buy the Sync Module 2 and a USB drive, but you can do that later after you’ve tried this out. And if you’re balking at the idea of installing this thing, don’t. It’s ultra-easy to do and should take minutes.

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