Blink Smart HD Home Monitoring and Alert System Ditches The Wires

We are always looking for the best smart home devices and this one caught our eye.

Wires are so messy, which is why the Blink HD Home Monitoring and Alert System is made without them. The totally wire-free is perfect for renters and homeowners, alike, and provides important home insights via its Blink app to your iOS or Android phone. They’re battery-powered and can literally go anywhere you want! You can create a system that covers your windows and entryways, place it in your garage over place them in your kids’ room to watch what they’re doing.


As soon as any motion is detected, the video will start recording and an alert will be sent to your phone so you can see what caused it and then react to it how you want. Live View mode lets you see what’s happening in the moment. It works great in the dark thanks to its LED illuminator coupled with advanced low-light performance for the best night vision around, while a built-in microphone allows you to not only see what’s happening, but also hear. There’s also a temperature sensor that you can customize for alerts if it gets too hot or cold in your home.


And it’s easy to built on to the system without dropping loads of cash, too, since Blink starts at under $100 and doesn’t have any monthly fees. Rest assure, you won’t get hacked either because of its non-hackable, hardware-based LED indicator and optional audio alert to let you know when it’s recording so you’ll never be caught off guard. All the early bird pricing on the Kickstarter campaign are gone (the lowest was $49), but you can still get one Blink Unit plus a sync module for $69.

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