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Finding the best radar detector with a laser Jammer may be difficult when there are plenty of choices to choose from. Fortunately, the Blinder HP-905 is a strong laser defense system that will provide everything you need to protect yourself from unwanted speed traps by police around you.

Why We Like It – Blinder HP-905

Whether you need a parking sensor, a laser detector, or a jammer, the Blinder HP-905 has it all for you. While using this device, you won’t have to divert your attention to its notifications since it has voice alerts that will keep you posted on any laser activity near you. This device has the potential to save you from countless encounters with the police.

  • Can expand up to a quad transponder head
  • Programmable auto shutdown makes you undetectable by radar guns
  • Might need to invest in more transponder heads for a better outcome


The Blinder HP-905 laser radar jammers have multiple transponder head options; if you ride a motorcycle a single head design fits best, sedans require at least the dual head, and SUVs require the triple or quad sensor. After purchasing this device, expect to be notified about any firmware updates from the Blinder company which you can apply to your jammer via its USB port. The moment that a police radar gun hits your vehicle, the laser jammer will go into action by dismantling the signal so your speed does not come up on their gun, and it automatically turns off so it leaves no evidence that you are using this technology.


These laser jammers have been tested and can dismantle a laser signal from up to 1000 feet in distance, which is more than enough time to adjust your speed and show the police that you are obeying speed limits. If you want to find more of the best radar detectors, feel free to check out our number one choice: the AntiLaser Priority.


To show up the competition, the Blinder company packed their laser gun jammer with not one but a two year warranty that you can use in case of any malfunctions out of your control. Upon purchasing this device, you may want to consult the aid of a professional to make sure that everything is rightfully installed in your car and it is functioning properly.

Ease of Use

The Blinder Laser jammers are small in size, and customers claimed that they are much easier to install than competitors. After properly installing the transponder heads, you can move on adjusting settings through the module which include functions like setting it to a dark mode for dimmer visuals, the volume control, and a mode button. The device is easy to manage since the auto shut off function goes into effect after it corrupts laser gun signals. If you were hoping for different features in your next laser jammer, another possible alternative to go for is the Whistler XTR 538.


There are still plenty of people out there that think they won’t ever need a device like this, but when you take into consideration that on the road everyone is a suspect to the police then you will want to invest in some funds into having a laser jammer that can dismantle police laser guns at the spot, leaving the authorities with no evidence to prove that you were speeding. Aside from the detection abilities, you will gain, the product itself will last a long time since the two year warranty will cover any internal issues. If you don’t think this is a good fit for you, another model worth checking out is the Blinder HP-905.

The Blinder HP-905 Wrap Up

The Blinder HP-905 is a great laser gun jammer that can disorient a radar signal up to 1000 feet. As long as you invest in as many transponder heads that you need, you can sense parking sensors, radar signals, and scramble those signals to keep driving peacefully.

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