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Blick has a wonderful variety of high quality acrylic paints. Blick Studio Acrylic Paints are student grade, with over 60 individual colors to choose from, all with a smooth, creamy texture. For the price, Blick makes some of the best artists’ acrylics on the market for students, comparable to the products in our Best Acrylic Paint Set buyer’s guide.

Why We Like It – Blick Studio Acrylic Paint

Blick Studio Acrylic Paint is a great value for quality acrylic paint. Blick is a great option for students and beginning artists on a budget, available in a wide range of different colors and hues. Sets of up to 48 colors are available on Blick’s website for about $45, meaning you’re getting a great deal for stunning acrylic colors.

  • Great value for student grade paint
  • Smooth, buttery consistency
  • Colors stay vibrant when mixed on pallet or canvas
  • Some colors are too translucent, requiring multiple coats
  • Some colors (like Titanium White and Cadmium Red) do not have the same hue as other popular acrylic paint brands
  • Student grade, not professional grade


Each tube of Blick Studio Acrylic Paint has a high pigment load for bright, intense hues. The paint dries matte (unlike the glossy finish of the Soho Urban Artist Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set), and the colors retain their vibrancy even when dried on the canvas. The texture is smooth and creamy, not too thick and not too runny. The colors are consistent from tube to tube. They blend easily both on the palette and on the canvas. However, don’t expect a heavy body acrylic paint with Blick; these student grade paints do not cover as well as more traditional heavy body acrylics.


For new artists and students on a tight budget, Blick acrylic paints are incredibly affordable, and are some of the best value for your money. Blick’s Titanium White is great for mixing and highlighting, and is a great, cheap basic color to stock up on. However, more experienced artists should note that these are student quality paints, not artist grade. If you’re looking for true artists’ acrylics, you might want to look at another brand. Compare Blick with Liquitex Basics 48 Tube Acrylic Paint Set or another heavy body, artist quality paint.

Blick Studio Acrylic Paint Wrap Up

For a student grade paint, Blick makes great quality acrylics. With a high pigment, vibrant colors, and a smooth texture, Blick is perfect for student artists on a tight college budget. The low price is perfect for stocking up. Unfortunately, these are not professional grade paints, so more experienced artists will want to look elsewhere, perhaps at the Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint Set.

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