Blendtec’s Stealth Is Most Advanced Blender On Earth

Blendtec Stealth blender

This blender has all of the Key Features for a Good Blender for Crushing Ice. It doesn’t get much better than this. Not all blenders are created equal. In fact, many are weak compared to Blendtec’s Stealth model. Touted as the most advanced blender on the planet, the Stealth is made for those who settle for less than perfection in the kitchen! As the most powerful retail blender yet, the Stealth features commercial power at a single touch of a button with its 1,800W powerhouse 3.8 peak hp motor that glides through the toughest blends in seconds. And despite having all that blending power, its blending noise won’t wake a sleeping baby thanks to its 360° sealed sound enclosure that keeps even the most vigorous blend cycle near the sound of a normal conversation.

There’s also 42 preprogrammed blend cycles that will blend anything your heart desires, while its illuminated capacitive touch control surface with manual speed slider lets you adjust the blend cycle yourself for recipes that are a bit tricky. Not only is it the most powerful retail blender around, but it’s also the world’s first blender that lets you blend online and that’s why it’s one of the best blender. If you have something that requires a specific set of blend times and speeds to make it just right, just log on to the Blend Wizard to create or alter your blend cycles then download those cycles to your Stealth machine via USB. For being the most advanced blender, it’s not going to be priced like a traditional one, going for a whopping $1,500!


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