Blender With 500 Watts vs. 700 Watts

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Updated September 20, 2022

Comparing a blender with 500 watts vs 700 watts means looking into differences between speed, power, and overall blending performance. Most consumers will do fine with a lower-watt model. However, you’re almost always better off overshooting your needs and buying the better model. If you’re interested in any type of blender, make sure you read our article on the best blenders out there so you can prepare for your purchase.


  • A classic blender with a 500-watt motor will work fine for households looking to make fruit smoothies or other frozen drinks.
  • Watts are measurements of power used to reflect blender motor speed, with higher watts translating to better performance.
  • It is usually better to invest in powerful blenders if you need the extra power for a recipe in the future.

Comparing 500 Watt and 700 Watt Blenders

The comparison between a blender with 500 watts vs 700 watts begins with understanding what watts are. From there, it comes down to performance. Several different kitchen appliances help you blend food, prepare ingredients, and prep for meals. We have an article comparing a chopper vs a blender to help you decide which tool is right for you.

Explaining What Watts Are

Blender watts dictate the speed and ability of both low- and high-end blenders. A low-watt blender will make delicious smoothies from frozen fruit and leafy greens but struggle with a difficult blending job. This is especially true of ingredients like coffee beans. Even the cheapest coffee makers can produce high-quality coffee if you grind your own beans. We have a great article comparing a blender vs. a coffee grinder, so you can learn more. And if you use a lot of dry ingredients, you can always use a mortar and pestle if you don’t want to worry about a motor dying or blades dulling. You have to remember, though all the power will come from your arms and hands. If you want to learn more about how this compare, check out the differences between mortar and pestle vs blender.

Do Watts Matter in Blenders?

While high-wattage blenders can pull more power than their low-rated counterparts, that doesn’t mean they’re using that power efficiently. Watts matter in a blender, but what matters more is how they use the power. A professional blender comes with far more blending functions than the majority of household models.

Insider Tip

Look for a coffee grinder that allows you to manually adjust the coarseness of the grind.

Comparing the Different Wattages

Most people can get away with less powerful blenders. If you plan on intensive cooking, you want a high-powered blender to handle your busy kitchen. These types of blenders can handle even the hardest foods.

Power of Blender Motor

Most countertop blenders produce silky smoothies, but powerful motors are required when introducing tough ingredients. A 700-watt motor can provide smooth blending for the toughest ingredients. This makes them great for soups, salad dressings, baby food, and more. You can use a lower-watt blender in households that don’t make meals from scratch. Otherwise, invest in a higher-watt motor for your busy kitchen.

Difficulty in Blending Process

The blending process comes down to not only blender watts but also the actual blade set included. Sharp blades will help you create silky smoothies for quick morning meals. A high-watt motor will help a blender crush ice, but dull blades will hinder their ability. This is where reading about product specifications becomes invaluable. Make sure that you pay attention to both wattage and blade.

Overall Blender Speed

Expensive blenders will have multiple functions that grant perfect control over blending speeds. A 500-watt blender might only have 2-speed control, which falls short for many recipes. The faster your blender, the quicker you can be done prepping ingredients. When it comes to speed, the 700-watt blender is a clear winner. Additionally, you may want to learn about the differences between a blender with three speeds vs variable speed.


What is the difference between traditional blenders and immersion blenders?

An immersion blender provides better accuracy, especially when dealing with large volumes of liquid. When processing large batches of ingredients, regular blenders require ingredient transfer into their blender jar. An immersion blender can go right into the pot, which helps keep your kitchen clean.

How do you compare blenders and food processors?

Food processors provide multiple types of food preparation. Blenders are instead used solely for the mixing, mashing, and pureeing of ingredients. Food processors are an excellent investment for anybody who cooks often.

Can a stick blender be used in hot liquids?

You should only use a stick blender in hot liquids if it has a fully metal blending arm. The product description of a blender model should specify whether it is safe. Otherwise, go to the blender manufacturer’s website.

Does wattage rating matter in blenders?

Yes, and no. Wattage is the amount of power a blender can draw in. however, watts matter less if the blender isn’t using that power efficiently.

STAT: Between 2010 and 2019, approximately 25.8 billion blenders were sold by retailers in the United States. (source)

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