What is a Blender Warranty?

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Updated February 20, 2023

If you are searching for product insurance plans, you may wonder what is a blender warranty. Like many warranty plans, a blender warranty provides limited coverage for products that fail or run into maintenance issues throughout the warranty period due to manufacturing defects, similar to how other policies, like microwave warranties, work. Keep reading to learn more.


  • Blender warranties issued by the manufacturer offer coverage pertaining to defects in material and consequential damages over a set period of time.
  • You can beef up this coverage by going with a third-party blender warranty or blender insurance plan, some of which increase legal rights to cover normal wear and consequential damages.
  • Read the fine print of any warranty terms, and be sure to store your purchase receipt for proof of purchase on a warranty claim.

What is a Warranty for a Blender?

Just like warranties on computers or air conditioner warranties, a warranty for a blender is issued by the manufacturer at the point of purchase to cover manufacturer defects. If your blender runs into an issue in the first few months of use, you should be eligible to free repairs or even a full replacement, depending on the terms of the warranty. Each blender warranty is unique, as a manufacturer’s warranty is different from, say, a Costco appliance warranty.

Insider Tip

Blender warranties range in length from a few months to a few years, depending on the make and model.

Tips to Choose a Blender Warranty

Not all warranties are created equal, and this is especially true in the case of consumer products like microwaves. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most warranty bang for your warranty buck.

Read the Fine Print

Remember when we said every warranty was unique? We meant it. In other words, it will serve you to thoroughly read the warranty terms, so you have a definitive understanding of exactly what is covered regarding your blender and how long that coverage lasts. Some blender warranties, for instance, only pertain to the motorized blending unit and not the container. Look for any odd factoids like that so you can plan other protections.

Go Third Party

Manufacturer’s warranties are set up to protect the manufacturer, more or less, offering limited coverage to a small range of blender issues. If you purchased an expensive blender like a Vitamix and really want to amp up your coverage, go for a third-party warranty or even an insurance plan. This will extend your coverage length and, in some cases, provide coverage for issues beyond manufacturer defects.

STAT: In contract law, a warranty is a contractual assurance given by a seller to a buyer, for example, confirming that the seller is the owner of the property being sold. (source)

Keep the Receipt Handy

If you are going to actually be using the warranty someday, you are going to need the original purchase receipt. Keep it handy in a drawer somewhere, and keep a digital copy on a hard drive or two.

Blender Limited Warranty FAQs

How long does the warranty process take?

After filing a claim and getting a return authorization and shipping instructions, it takes a few weeks to receive a replacement product.

How do I initiate a warranty claim?

This varies from company to company, so check the original product for more information. In most cases, begin the process by contacting the company’s customer service department and have the rating label and original purchase price handy.

What is not covered by a blender warranty?

It truly depends on the warranty coverage details of the original product, so check your legal rights by contacting the customer service department and asking about warranty rights.
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