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Updated September 20, 2022

Contrasting a blender three-speed vs variable speed model comes down to a few categories. Countertop space is precious, especially for those who have already invested in gadgets, like a stick blender. Expensive blenders aren’t always better, so make sure you look into the best blenders available before investing money. Whether you’re making fresh baby food or chopping cups of nuts, you need the right tool for the job.


  • High-speed blenders are high-performance models that produce the smoothest smoothies, silken baby food, and even turn raw peanuts into peanut butter.
  • A three-speed model is a basic blender suited to those less ambitious about the culinary arts and offers three manual controls to change between different speeds.
  • The choice between these two blenders comes down to budget, personal preference, and how often you plan to meal prep.

Comparing Variable Speed and High-Speed Blenders

The comparison between a blender three-speed vs a variable speed option has a few obvious answers. Both options offer a wide range of essential elements to carry out the dog-eared pages in your recipe book. Before choosing which personal blender will take up counter space in your home, look into blender motor RPM vs torque. Having a professional-grade blender is great, but you should understand the mechanics to truly appreciate your favorite blender.

Insider Tip

Asymmetric blades do a better job of chunky blending, so keep that in mind if you plan on using the pulse button often.

Available Speed Settings

A basic blender features variable speed controls. However, it lacks the variable-speed dial that high-speed blenders have. The powerful motors found in a professional-grade blender allow for a broader range of speed. The best thing about high-speed blades is that they get the job done so much faster. Trying to turn peanuts into peanut butter will go as smoothly as making your green smoothie in the morning. You may want to compare a blender vs a smoothie machine if you intend on making multiple drinks per day. If you are curious, you can also read about more benefits of using a blender on high speed vs. low speed.

Comparing Price Range

High-performance blenders will always cost more than the personal blender you already have in your kitchen. If you’re okay with limited manual controls and not being able to drink the smoothest smoothies ever, classic models will be just fine. If you can budget for expensive models, then high-speed blenders are your best option.

Overall Motor Strength

The finer control with high-speed blenders makes them fantastic for those who need better motor control and quicker blending times. High-speed blenders can make everything from nut butter to pureed soup to your morning smoothie because of their powerful motors. A budget model blender can’t give you the same control over recipes. So be sure to check out our comparison of a blender with 500 watts vs 700 watts to see which may be right for your needs.

Endless Possibility for Food

Chopping and blending cups of nuts is difficult for most countertop blenders. They lack the essential elements required for the job, like better blades and a high-horsepower motor. You can whip up frozen dessert on the lowest setting or press the pulse switch to get chunky blending for salsa. The possibilities are endless with variable speed blenders.


When blending any hot soup or liquid, be careful and use hand protection to avoid burning yourself.


What is the best way to clean my blender?

Some drops of dish soap, water, and a dishtowel are all you need. Some models are dishwasher safe, but it’s best to handwash. Fill your blender with water, put in a drop of dish soap, and set it to blend. Rinse it out, repeat with another drop of dish soap if necessary, and dry with your dishtowel.

Are food processors better than high-speed blenders?

Food processors aren’t better than high-speed blenders. They just offer something slightly different. A food processor is for prepping ingredients. High-speed blenders are better for pulverizing and combining ingredients.

What are high-speed blenders?

High-speed blenders can also be called high-performance blenders. Considered a type of professional-grade blender, they offer far more power than your traditional blender.

Are high-speed blenders good for batches of smoothies?

High-speed blenders not only create creamier smoothies but also blend the smoothest smoothies you’ve ever had. While an expansion option for only combining ingredients for smoothies, high-speed blenders will not disappoint those looking for green smoothies every morning.

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