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With precise temperature control, the Blaze Kamado is an easy entry to our Best Grills category. More mobile than other grills, having excellent heat retention, and easy clean up help the Blaze Kamado give itself an edge over its competition. Other than a small grilling area and high price point, this first kamado grill of its kind easily makes it into our list for Best Kamado Grills.

Why We Like It – Blaze Kamado

The Blaze Kamado is a first of it’s kind grill with a cast aluminum body. A lifetime warranty assures the quality of this grill.

  • More mobile than other grills
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Easy clean up
  • Small grilling area
  • Extremely high price


With an aluminum body and stainless steel grill grates, heat is no issue at all. Right from when ignition is started, the Blaze Kamado has no problem not only generating heat, but keeping it as well. The Blaze Kamado uses its aluminum frame to its advantage, gathering heat quickly for a fast prep time, as well as faster results when cooking.


One of the more obvious differences between the Blaze Kamado and a cast iron grill like the Primo grill is that the Blaze features an aluminum body. Lighter and more portable than other grills in the same category, this makes it an eyecatching choice for those who want to grill without the hassle of carrying a heavy cast iron frame.


One of the downsides to having an aluminum body is that it’s more susceptible to damage over time versus a grill made of cast iron like the Kamado Joe Classic 2. The designers over at Blaze know this, so the frame holding the grill is solid, sturdy, and reliable. Not only does it help with mobility, but adds rigidity to an otherwise not so rugged grill.

Ease of Use

As several customer reviews can attest to, the solid cast aluminum frame of the Blaze Kamado helps with moving it around, and is generally easier to use than other kamado grills. Portability and clean up are the two most emphasized points.


Getting the elephant in the room out of the way, the Blaze Kamado is priced at roughly $1500. While not as heavily priced as the Weber Summit Charcoal, it’s still a hefty investment. However the price is well justified, as the Blaze cast aluminum kamado grill is both lighter and lights faster than most other grills on the market.

Blaze Kamado Wrap Up

Unlike other grills, the aluminum Blaze Kamado grill is lightweight but still brings all the benefits of its heavier competitors. Perfect for the outdoor kitchen, the Blaze Kamado features more mobility than other grills, easier to clean up, all with easy heat retention. While some things may bog it down such as the price point and small cooking surface, should you want the best in grilling without breaking your back carrying it, the Blaze Kamado is definitely a grill you should keep your eye on.

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