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If you can’t wait for summer and want to begin your hunt for the Best Grills now, then the Blaze Grill should be on your list. If you’re looking to build an outdoor kitchen and are looking for the Best Built In Grills, then that’s even more reason why the Blaze Grill should be on your list.

Why We Like It – Blaze Grill

Blaze Grills make a fine addition to any outdoor kitchen and will guarantee your spot at the top of the neighbourhood’s grill master list. It’s exceptionally powerful thanks to it’s independently operated five burners, and the 915 square inches of cooking space allow you to grill enough food for everybody.

  • Comes with a Infrared Rear Burner
  • Propane Tank Conversion Kit Included
  • Very Sturdy Construction
  • Very Heavy
  • A Little Hard to Clean


Blaze BBQ Grills comes with five stainless steel main burners that deliver an impressive 14,000 BTUs of power each. It also has a 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner that can work well if you have a rotisserie kit available. Added up, it boasts an impressive 80,000 BTUs of power. Of course, not everybody needs this much, so consider the Summerset Grill if this is you.


The Blaze Grill boasts an exceptional 915 square inches of cooking space. It’s not the highest we’ve seen, but it’s pretty close. You’ll still be able to load it up with a ton of food to feed everyone in the backyard. Of course, you can check out the Bull Grill if you don’t need that much space. The Blaze Grill also comes with a conversion kit so you can switch to propane tanks if you want.


If there is one downside to the Blaze Grill it’s that it’s exceptionally heavy. At 140 pounds it will take two people and a sturdy cutout to get this grill in place. It doesn’t weigh as much as the Napoleon Burners Prestige PRO 665 Natural Gas Grill, but you should hire a professional if you need help installing it. But other than that, the Blaze Grill is constructed from 304-grade stainless steel inside and out while the interior firebox, warming rack, drip pan, and inner panel of the double-walled lid are 442-grade stainless steel.

Ease of Use

The Heat Zone Dividers on the Blaze Grill let you cook multiple types of food at the same time using different temperatures. You won’t need to cook your meat first and then wait for the grill to cool to throw on the veggies. The grills aren’t porcelain-coated, or at least there’s no mention anywhere of them being porcelain-coated, so they will be a little harder to clean.


One of the best features on the Blaze Grill is the lifetime warranty. It covers the grill and everything with it for the lifetime of the original purchaser. The Blaze Grill also comes with flamethrower ignition which are far more dependable than spark ignitions and much less to replace should they go. And if they do, the Flash Tube ignition steps up to the plate.

Blaze Grill Wrap Up

There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the Blaze Grill. There’s a reason why it’s considered a premium grill, after all. Sure, it may be a little tougher to clean, and it can stand to lose a few pounds, but these inconveniences pale in comparison to the plethora of positives the Blaze Grill offers.

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