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Cooking in the great outdoors can be quite invigorating especially if you’re constantly moving around, and tend to enjoy being in a new atmosphere every so often. Likewise, preparing a meal in your backyard can also be a welcome change to a family that’s used to having all their meals indoors. In both of these cases, you’re going to need a reliable grill to use, and in our opinion, there are few that are better than the 1666 Blackstone Table Top Griddle 22 inch outdoor grill. Anyone looking for the Best Grills in the market right now ought to consider it, as it happens to be the Best Flat Top Grill you can get for about $140. Stick around, and we’ll take you through a few of the reasons why it might be worth looking into.

Why We Like It – Blackstone Table Top Griddle 22

The Blackstone Table Top Griddle 22 inch outdoor grill is a reliable two-burner separate grill that offers up to 330 Square inches of cooking surface. At $140, it’s fairly priced for what it has to offer, and being of good build quality, it’s going to be a long time before you need to get another one.

  • Large cooking surface
  • 2 burner system with High heat intensity
  • Easy to operate
  • May rust when kept outdoors


Rated with a heat intensity of up to 24,000 BTUs, there’s a lot of things that you’ll be able to cook pretty efficiently with the Blackstone 22-inch Tabletop Griddle. It’s got an independent 2-burner system that’s perfect for cooking two separate meals, and also allows you to adjust the heat zone in accordance to how well you want your food burned or cooked. Just like the 17-inch Blackstone Table Top Grill, it’s also got a built in igniter for complete heat control, so you won’t have to be dealing with lighters to get the burner working.


The 22-inch size of the Blackstone Table Top Griddle provides a cooking surface that’s up to 330 Square Feet, and this allows you to cook reasonably large family meals. Unlike the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, it doesn’t however come with any adjustable legs, but it does feature a cold rolled stainless steel griddle top. There’s also a heat-resistant grip for easy handling, and an integrated grease management system that makes it easier to clean the grill after use.


The stainless steel skillet surface of the Blackstone Table Top Griddle will have it in service for a long period of time before it starts showing any signs of ageing or distress, and it is also pretty easy to clean. The unit is backed by a decent 1 year warranty, so incase you have any issues with it while new, feel free to reach out to the customer care team at Blackstone, and they’ll be glad to help sort out anything.

Ease of Use

Even for someone that doesn’t have any experience with griddle cooking, the 22-inch Blackstone Table Top is very easy to work around and also maintain. It doesn’t have a side shelf like the Blackstone Professional 36 Inch Flat Top Grill does, so you’ll have to place the propane gas tank on the ground.


If you head over to Amazon, you’ll notice that the Blackstone Table Top Griddle has a 5 star rating value, and is also Amazon’s choice for the search term “Blackstone Griddle”. This shows just how popular the unit is among individuals who enjoy cooking outdoors. At $140, it’s fairly priced for the features that it has to offer, and even with a couple of things that you’ll have to purchase separately (e.g a hose adapter), it remains a pretty solid alternative for anyone who is looking to buy their first grill.

Blackstone Table Top Griddle 22 Wrap Up

Headquartered in the United States, Blackstone is a company that has been around long enough to establish a good reputation among cooking enthusiasts as a reliable manufacturer, so you can bet that their products are of good build quality, and will last you a long time in use.

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