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No Batteries Required for the Blackout Buddy H20

If you don’t already have an emergency kit…get one, because you just never know what can happen in this crazy ass world. “The Walking Dead” can become more than just a TV show or the Ebola outbreak can land up in your city. Whatever it is, it’s wise to be ready for any emergency and your kit should have eton’s Blackout Buddy H20 emergency light.

Never Be Left In The Dark


The emergency light is a great alternative to candles and matches since it’s eco-friendy and will last 72 hours, providing you with light when there’s no electricity. And it doesn’t matter what the forecast outside is since the H20 emergency light is safe to use even if submerged in water, unlike candles and regular matches.

Just Add Water

The water-activated emergency light works by adding water to activate its battery module so that you can light the way to safety or just stay lit after an electrical blackout. All you have to do is add water once per to to keep the emergency light shining bright for up to 72 continuous hours.

Built To Last


The Blackout Buddy H20 is built to withstand any type of emergency since it’s rugged and packed in an environment-proof package that won’t be harmed by the elements. In fact, you can store it and forget about it for up to 10 years without degradation. And thanks to its lightweight, compact design, the Blackout Buddy can easily be stored anywhere – in your purse, backpack, at work – so that you’re prepared for any type of emergency. And for those who live green, the emergency light has a Magnesium-oxide battery module that’s free from Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead and Cadmium. 

It’s American Red Cross approved and is only $9.99 so you can easily afford a bunch of them to stash in your car, at work and at home.

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