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Blacknet Lets You Replace Nets On Any Hoop In An Instant

The Blacknet, a replacement basketball net
The Blacknet on a white background

Basketball is a blast, but it can be difficult to find a good hoop with a net. Nets get put through a lot and tend to fall apart quickly in the face of heavy use. And hanging a net can be something of a pain, to put it mildly, especially if it’s a public park. But you don’t have to play with just a rim anymore, thanks to a bunch of b-ball fans in Toronto, and the clever solution that is Blacknet.

Net Profit

Blacknet is fairly ingenious in design. The net and rim, made of strong composites you can hang off of, are laid over the ball. Shoot it into the hoop, and the rim settles over the existing one on the backboard. Then, just play normally; since it’s resting on the rim it can take all the usual abuse you put a rim and net through when playing ball. When you’re done, just pop the ball through from underneath and Blacknet comes down for you to store with your other sports equipment.

If you were wondering why both the net and the rim are black, the good news is that it’s just an aesthetic choice; they’re considering making a Blacknet in the traditional orange and white color scheme fans know and love across the world. Just toss it in your backpack, find a park, and get to work.


The Blacknet can be dangled from, it's that strong

The Blacknet is designed for abuse.

True, some people can enjoy the game without having to hear every swish of the ball going through. But if you’re competitive, you need the net to see if the shot made it, and the net also means you won’t spend as much time and energy chasing after the ball. Besides, nothing’s cooler than whipping out a net for a pickup game, even if the price of that has yet to be determined.

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