Blackberry KEY2 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

In your mind, the best smartphone is one that’s the most secure phone, but reasonably priced and by a brand you’re familiar with. Blackberry is a great option, in particular, the Blackberry Key2. Protecting personal data is of utmost importance, via DTEK Security, while still packing big battery life and strong durability.

Why We Like It – Blackberry KEY2

If you’re a busy person, the Blackberry Key2 is going to be your best friend, thanks to a long battery life, strong durability—but, most importantly, its DTEK security monitoring for protecting data and privacy.

  • DTEK security monitoring
  • 25+ hours of mixed use battery life
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Lackluster screen size & resolution
  • It isn’t water resistant

Overall Performance

The performance the Blackberry Key2 offers can be boiled down to one word: average. Open an app and you’ll notice there’s a slight pause as it processes. Sometimes the keyboard lags, and some apps even open the virtual keyboard, reducing the screen’s already limited space. For Blackberry Passport fans, you’ll be happy. Despite it being average, it’s a huge upgrade from its older models.

Battery Life

Being able to go an entire day on a single charge is going to feel pretty refreshing. That’s because the Blackberry Key2 can last up to 25 hours, with mixed usage. That’s more than twice the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but the Note 20 Ultra is packing more performance.


It drops the ball with its display. Seeing as a physical keyboard is present, the screen size is just 4.5 inches. That’s limited space, and it’s just 1620×1080; it isn’t fully 1080p, but better than 720p. The smaller screen does lend to the resolution fitting well without stretching pixels to the max.


The Blackberry Key2 isn’t just strong with security, it’s also physically strong on the outside. It’s built with an aluminum frame, then given a diamond grip textured backing for better grippage—especially when handling the physical keyboard. Unfortunately, it drops a point for not being water resistant, whereas the iPhone 12 Pro Max is IP68. You can also opt for the Ulefone Armor 7, which is IP68/IP69K compliant.


To best understand the Blackberry Key2’s value here, compare it to the Apple iPhone 11. They’re almost neck and neck in performance, but marginally different price. Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone 11 doesn’t have the DTEK security monitoring, which is fantastic to have if you’re worried about privacy and apps using your data. It’s also over $200 cheaper.

Blackberry KEY2 Wrap Up

Blackberry continues to impress with its DTEK security monitoring, especially on a great mid-tier smartphone like the Blackberry Key2. It suffers a bit in presentation, like a less-than-ideal screen size and lackluster resolution. Thankfully, its durability and battery life make up for that, being able to last an entire day on a single charge.

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