I have enough trouble with the TV remote disappearing inside the sofa, so imagine what might happen with this spacey black hole coffee table.
Created by designer Jon Gilmore, the Nova Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table features rings of white LED lights that disappear into the core ready to swallow up anything you put on the glass.
Perhaps you could pair it up with a couple of these Star Trek Command Chairs to complete your bridge.
The Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table is available now for $ 1,070.
black hole coffee table
You already have the best home espresso machine, so now you need an awesome table like this to enjoy your drink.
Designer Jon Gilmore’s Nova Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table lets you view the infinite mysteries of space while sitting in the comfort of your living room. The inside of the table is composed of white LED lights that achieve a mesmerizing effect of an infinite hole, especially with the lights out. A glass top lets you put drinks on it (also to add to the effect). If you have the dough, it’s available now for $1070.

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