Black Friday 15% Off iTunes Gift Card Makes a Return

It has return! Through the year the iTunes gift card digital code are on sale every other months (I suppose that means its every few quarters). Discount ranges from a small 5% off to as big as 15%off – which is exactly what we’re seeing here today on Black Friday.

The deal appeared early in the wee hours of Black Friday and has thus far sold a good chuck of copies. As of writing, 5,885 units have been sold. Funny enough PayPal Digital Gift is still listing the iTunes deal as “limited quantity available.” Maybe when its over 10,000 units then the availability notice won’t be there?

For those unfamiliar with PayPal Digital Gift, they are a popular digital gift card retailer – part of the PayPal arm and most of their deals can be found on eBay.

You can send the digital gift code to yourself – or specify the email address you wish the gift code to go to. We personally recommend sending the code to the exact PayPal transaction email you use for safety reasons – and you can always forward the “gift card email” to the intended recipient after the fact.

Most gift codes are sent within a few minutes – but at times if you don’t have complete payment information or verifiable source of payment in your PayPal account – the gift code delivery may take longer to process.

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