Black and Decker Edge Painter 650x524 1

Painting a wall is a no brainer.  However, if it’s laden with trim, a kick board, or you simply don’t want your ceiling to match in the same shade of fuschia, you’ll need to lay down tape.  Or will you? If you’re interested in at home projects, also consider the best aluminum polish. In case you also need to take down spare branches before painting your shed, you’ll be interested in our Ryobi One+ 10″ Lithium 18v chain saw review.

The Black and Decker EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger negates the sticky blue tape from your paint job, and uses some new fangled vibrating head to lay down up to a 25-foot line of paint. For other outdoor projects, you might want to grab the best socket wrench too. There are things like an adjustable flow control knob, but what you’ll really care about, aside from painting a straight line, is that the EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger spits paint onto your wall using a tube much like a syringe.  That means when you’re ready to switch to a different color, you just pop in a new tube and remove those messy paint trays from the equation.

You’ll need three AAA batteries and $35 to score some time with the EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger.

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