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If you’re trying to find the best blender with a glass jar on a budget, you have very few options to select from. Well, the Black And Decker Blender we will talk about today is one of those options. Additionally, if you like to make frozen drinks, you can check out the top blenders for margaritas to see which model will suit your needs.

Why We Like It – Black And Decker Blender

The biggest plus point of the Black And Decker Blender is its affordable price tag. At just $35, it offers so much that it puts its bigger brothers to shame in the value-for-money aspect. It’s a strong and powerful multi-function blender available at an even better price point. But if you want to spend some extra bucks, have a look at the Black and Decker Fusion Blade Blender Review

  • Mostly made out of dishwasher-safe parts
  • 350 watts of continuous blending power
  • PerfectPour glass jar included
  • Cheap feeling mediocre base
  • Not enough power to thoroughly blend very hard objects


The plastic base of this Black Decker blender sports a motor with a peak power of 700 Watts. However, it can only manage about 350 Watts max when it comes to continuous power output. And not to mention, the blender becomes very loud on higher speed settings, which is expected from a lower-powered motor of this caliber. If you really need something that can effortlessly slice through food content without much noise, go for the Ninja Foodi Blender instead.


Just like the Oster Reverse Crush Blender, this one also features button-based controls. You get four speed settings, and thankfully each speed setting is labeled on top with the recommended use case/drinks. This is especially helpful for beginners because this blender doesn’t have any auto modes to speak of.


The durability is a bit of a toss-up, really, with these cheap blenders. And that is especially the case with this Black Decker blender, simply because of the poor quality control. The base feels pretty light, plasticky, and cheap. In turn, the blender wobbles at higher speed settings. And the buttons themselves don’t really feel premium or satisfying either. But then again, you can’t really expect top-notch build quality all the way throughout at this price range.

Versatility & Attachments

Other than the PerfectPour Glass Jar, the advanced lid with a pour spout and ingredient slot, and the motor base, this Black Decker blender doesn’t really come with anything else. But that’s alright. At this price, most other related products from other known manufacturers don’t come with unique accessories either. If you prefer extra attachments with your blender, the Ninja CT810 comes with a single-serve cup, whereas the Ninja Ultima blender doesn’t include any attachments.


The value proposition of the Black And Decker Blender is already off the chains because of its low price tag. On top of that, because it’s sold and shipped directly by Amazon, you get free shipping in most parts of the United States. But still, as it is a budget blender, a lot of features are missing here. So, if you don’t mind spending more, read our Instant Pot Ace 60 cooking blender review, which could absolutely be a much better investment. However, if you fancy vacuum blenders and would like to try one, check this Biochef Vacuum Blender Container review.

Black And Decker Blender Wrap Up

Well, considering everything, even without applying any special offers, the Black And Decker Blender is one of the best budget blenders at MSRP. Even though it’s made out of mostly cheap components, the color Black suits its aesthetic and looks pretty sleek overall.