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Bissell PowerEdge Pet Review

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Updated March 16, 2022
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If you have hard flooring and one or more pets, the best vacuum for the elderly is the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Vacuum. Its vacuum head is specifically designed to reach places that would otherwise be missed by traditional vacuum heads. And as a bonus, your purchase of this vacuum goes towards saving pets. For other great vacuum recommendations, check out these reviews of the best vacuum cleaner.

Why We Like It – Bissell PowerEdge Pet

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Vacuum is specifically designed to tackle dirt and debris for hard flooring, especially if your pets venture onto said hard flooring frequently.

  • Innovative V shaped head
  • Lightweight design
  • Your purchase helps save pets
  • Limited to hard floors

Power, Speed & Efficiency

Your typical vacuum has a cleaning path of 12 inches, but the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Stick Vacuum shrinks that path just a bit. You’d think that would reduce its efficiency, but quite the opposite! Its innovative V-shaped vacuum floor head and powerful suction are designed to reach debris that sits along the walls of the room and around furniture legs, which would otherwise be missed, with rubber bristles to attract pet hair. Unfortunately, it’s limited to hardwood floors and whatnot. The iRobot Roomba 675, on the other hand, can do both.

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Bin Capacity

Compared to a Shark Rocket HV301, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet has a leg up over its competition: bin capacity. It’s considerably larger than its competition, which provides an edge over cleaning. In the end, you’ll be making fewer trips to the trash. And since it’s a bagless design, you can make as many as you’d like.

Maintenance & Durability

You can get a sense of the Bissell PowerEdge’s durability due to its lightweight design. It’s largely plastic, so when weighed it comes out at 7.5 lbs. For an elderly individual, that’s a good weight—much easier to handle than a bulky Oreck Commercial Upright XL2100. Keep the filter free of debris and clean the dust bin out every so often and your vacuum will work for many years to come.

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There is an argument to be made that the Bissell PowerEdge isn’t worth picking up. After all, it doesn’t vacuum carpets. We’d argue otherwise. Not all traditional vacuums are good on hard flooring; in fact, your current vacuum likely isn’t. The PowerEdge provides a unique cleaning experience that few can match. Also, it’s very affordable—just $70! And your purchase goes to helping pets.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Wrap Up

Despite its limited use on hard flooring only, the powerful suction of the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Vacuum and its unique V-shaped head provides a unique experience. But it takes a true pet lover, and the right environment, to go out and grab one of these. If your vacuum does poorly on hard flooring, get this—especially if you want to help pets at the same time.

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