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Bissell Crosswave Cleaner Review

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Updated November 17, 2022
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The Bissell Crosswave Cleaner scrubs rugs, yes, but also quickly transitions to clean hard flooring, an ideal feature for the best vacuum for laminate floors. Its unique solutions are safe to use on multiple surfaces, which makes it perfect for the best vacuum for vinyl floors. And lastly, it sucks up more than just liquids, but also debris, a stable as the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner. If you want more home cleaner options, check out this list of the best vacuum cleaner reviews.

Why We Like It – Bissell Crosswave Cleaner

The companion you break out when there’s been a spill, the Bissell Crosswave Cleaner is an innovative multi surface carpet cleaner that easily cleans carpets, hardwood floors area rugs and more.

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Multi surface brush roll
  • Your purchase helps save pets
  • A bit pricey


For the Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface Cleaner to pull off what it does, it operates with 4.4 amps, which is pretty strong considering it handles both water and debris—at the same time! Of course, its power is nothing without the proper multi surface pet brush roll and multi surface formula.

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Speed & Efficiency

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Multi Surface’s efficiency is one part machine and one part solution. It really depends on what you need: carpets or sealed hard floors? For example, combining the multi-surface brush roll and multi-surface cleaning solution is for cleaning hard floors and refreshing area rugs. However, there’s also brush roll bristles and area rug solution for deep cleaning.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Keeping maintenance low, the Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface Wet Dry Cleaner has a two-tank system, one for storing clean water and multi surface floor cleaning formula and another to store dirty water And since it’s a bagless design, like the Crosswave Cordless Max Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, all it takes is a rinse and it’s ready to go.

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The durability of the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Multi Surface Floor Cleaner is nothing special and pretty much typical of vacuums. It’s largely made of strong plastic for longevity, and also keeps it lightweight. It’s similar to the Bissell garage pro, except this one is a little more durable. However, the Shark Navigator Lift Away is actually very similar to the Crosswave Pet in this regard.


Having a Bissell Crosswave Cleaner waiting in the wings when a mess occurs is plenty of value on its own, more so than the Kenmore Elite Vacuum. This is especially true if you own pets, considering there’s a multi surface floor cleaning solution specifically created to target pet odor. Unfortunately, it’s a steep initial price, plus the added cost of buying 32 oz bottles; otherwise it has excellent value.

Bissell Crosswave Cleaner Wrap Up

Aside from a somewhat steep price, having a Bissell Crosswave Cleaner is an ideal companion to replace traditional mops, whether that be a sponge or wet mops. Its brush head and cleaning solution combo are excellent, while still being lightweight and powerful. And as a bonus, picking one up means your money goes towards helping pets.

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