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A reversible airflow window fan actually is, in some cases, the best exhaust fan for kitchen usage. And the Bionaire window fan we are taking a look at today has a lot of features at an extremely enticing price. And with its solid build quality, for many buyers, it will be one of the best window fans at any price.

Why We Like It – Bionaire Window Fan

The Bionaire Twin Window fan, as the name suggests, has two separate fans to exhaust out stale air and keep the fresh air inside. This fan was also clearly built in a way that shows Bionaire’s attention to detail on every aspect, even though this model itself is very old.

  • Programmable Digital Electronic Thermostat
  • Adjustable Extension Panel Built-in
  • Electrically Reversible Airflow Control
  • Difficult to clean


As you might’ve guessed already, with two dedicated fans, this unit is a powerhouse. The air flow is completely controllable, and electrically reversible as well. The digital thermostat helps the fan to maintain the ambient temperature inside by exhausting hot air and intaking cold air or vice versa. And there are three speed settings that you can select from easily. But in case you don’t want two fans hanging around, go for the Hon&Guan 6 Inches Exhaust Fan for a similar level of performance.


The Bionaire Twin reversible airflow window fan is built very well in terms of its usefulness. However, the white plastic doesn’t really hold up well after years of usage and gets dirty pretty quickly, unlike the Broan-Nutone 512M. But the main components, such as the fans themselves, the motors, the remote control, the button controls in the control panel, are all built very well and should serve you well for years to come.

Noise/Sound Level

This is another area where this fan excels in, just like the iLiving 10-Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan. Throughout all three speeds, the fan stays relatively quiet all the time. It’s pretty good if you’re planning to run it while sleeping. And lower speeds are feasible too, as no matter how low you set the fan speeds at, outside air (cool air) doesn’t ever get in or change the room temperature.

Versatility/Modern Features

This exhaust fan features an electronic thermostat with a digital display for automated controls. And you have access to the button control panel and the remote control to make manual changes. All these features work pretty incredibly in a ventilation fan like this. However, it is pretty hard to clean.


While looking at all the features, it is pretty easy to say that the Bionaire Window Fan is worth it. It comes with features that even exhaust fans with double the price tag doesn’t offer. But finding it at its MSRP is the hard part, as it is so old. Regardless, the customer reviews on pretty much every storefront are good for this fan, and for good reasons too.

Bionaire Window Fan Wrap Up

With so many cool features, the Bionaire Twin Window fan is without any question the best window exhaust fan at this price. If you have more than $50 set aside for your next exhaust fan, this should be your go-to choice.

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