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With 40% more air velocity, the Bionaire Thin Window Fan is a force to be reckoned with. It can be fitted into your window both horizontally and vertically, which greatly increases the window range it can fit into. Unfortunately, customer reviews on the noise level are less than stellar. Too bad, considering this could have been a best window fan.

Why We Like It – Bionaire Thin Window Fan

The Bionaire Thin Window Fan is a three speed fan that will allow you greater control over your airflow while providing you with a cool, constant stream of fresh air. The patented firm fit extender screens lock your fan firmly into place, and the manual thermostat keeps your room at a consistent temperature whenever you need it to.

  • 40% More Air Velocity
  • Can be Fitted Vertically and Horizontally
  • Lightweight
  • No dB Levels
  • No Remote Control


The Bionaire Thin Window Fan is a three-speed settings fan that boasts invigorating coolness for maximum comfort. This is aided by the fact that the fan boasts about 40% more air velocity than other leading window fans or even pedestal fans, like the Holmes Window Fan. It’s a triple-bladed fan too, and is thus ideal for large rooms or even condos.


The Bionaire Thin Window Fan looks very similar to its cousin, the Bionaire Dual Window Fan. The Bionaire Thin Window fan comes with patented screen extenders, called ‘firm fit,’ for a more secure fit in your window. The fan is also designed to be placed vertically or horizontally giving you a greater range of potential window fittings. Finally, the unit weighs only five pounds, so it’s easy to take out of the box and set up or, if need be, move to another room.

Sound/Noise Level

The exact dB levels are, unfortunately, not given so we’ll have to turn to customer reviews in order to find out the answer. To be quite honest, things aren’t looking so good for the Bionaire Thin Window Fan. While there is one customer review that applauds the low noise of the fan, there are many others that complain about how loud the fan is, especially when one of the motors died for a second (another mark off, I guess).

Versatility/Modern Features

The Bionaire Thin Window Fan comes with a manual thermostat which is a nice feature to have if you want to keep your room at a specific temperature throughout the day or if you want to have different temperatures set throughout the day. You can also check out the Genesis A1 for another example of a window fan with a thermostat. But the operative word here is manual, and as such the Bionaire Thin Window Fan won’t be coming with a remote control.


On top of everything already mentioned, the Bionaire Thin Window Fan is also 25% more compact than other window fans. This is probably one of the leading reasons why it’s so lightweight and can be used horizontally or vertically. There’s also only a very small risk of trying it out because it retails for only $60.00. If you’ve been wondering about a window fan, trying this one should help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Bionaire Thin Window Fan Wrap Up

The Bionaire Thin Window Fan is a lightweight fan that will fit right into your window without issue and provide you with cool, comforting air. There’s no remote control, but a lot of fans don’t necessarily offer remote controls either. Some of the more high-tech fans do, and that’s good for them, but there’s still something to be respected about retaining ruggedness.

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