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The Bionaire Fan is all about the numbers. It’s able to produce 40% more air circulation and air velocity than traditional fans despite being 25% more compact. But despite being a technologically advanced fan, it doesn’t come with a remote, which I believe should be a given.

Why We Like It – Bionaire Fan

The Bionaire Fan is a slightly more technologically advanced window fan compared to other fans in its class. It has three speed settings, a rare find among fans for some reason, and an LED Screen. The Comfort Control Thermostat also lends an extra layer of control for personalized comfort!

  • 40% More Powerful than Traditional Window Fans
  • 25% More Compact
  • Can be Used Horizontally or Vertically
  • No Remote Control
  • No dB Rating


The Bionaire Fan is a monster at dispersing cool, refreshing air all across your home. Like the Genesis A1, the Bionis Fan has three speed settings, a hard find in window fans these days. It’s also more powerful than other window fans too. It’s able to produce about 40% more airflow power! For a similar model with manual controls, check out our Bionaire Thin Window Fan review.


The Bionaire Fan isn’t a big fan by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it’s about 25% more compact than other window fans, like the Holmes Window Fan, to reduce window obstruction. This puts it around the size of a tower fan, if not just a bit taller or longer. It also has an LED screen so you can clearly see your settings, but unfortunately no remote control.

Noise/Sound Level

The Bionaire Fan has three fans which equal nine blades. It will make a little more noise than most window fans simply because of this fact. Many customer reviews acknowledge the noise it makes, but are appreciative that this noise isn’t as loud as you’d expect it to be. Still, a definitive dB rating would be most welcome. Check out the Bionaire Window Fan if you’d prefer less noise.

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Versatility/Modern Features

The Bionaire Fan contains all the modern features you would expect a state-of-the-art window fan to have. The comfort control thermostat has three independently controlled comfort settings to give you greater freedom. It’s also designed to be used horizontally or vertically, which is a nice touch and greatly expands the window usage of the fan!


The Bionaire Fan holds excellent customer reviews on Amazon, rating 4/5 stars based on 6,065 reviews. Be aware that some of these customer reviews mention that the fan has a tendency to start to make more noise or break down after a couple of months of use, but these are few and far between. Besides, the five-year limited warranty, the longest we’ve seen for a fan, should take care of this with no problem.

Bionaire Fan Wrap Up

The Bionaire Fan is what window fans should strive to be. More compact and more powerful while producing the same, or preferably less, noise. It’s too bad we don’t have a dB rating like we do a measure of power and size, so we’ll just have to try the largely positive customer reviews for that one.