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Bionaire Dual Window Fans come equipped with an LED display which adds a touch of class to the fan and is dimmable if you’d like to place this great window fan in your bedroom. The programmable digital thermostat also adds that splash of modernity by being able to control the internal temperature at any time of day. Read further to learn why most people consider it the best fan in the market.

Why We Like It – Bionaire Dual Window Fan

The Bionaire Dual Window Fan is one of the very few modern fans that comes with both a remote control and three speed settings. It’s surprisingly hard to find just one of these features, so we’re ecstatic that this fan has two. The built-in extender locks also add that touch of security that you will appreciate too.

  • LED Display
  • Programmable Digital Thermostat
  • Two Extra 3” Extender Panels
  • No dB Rating

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The Bionaire Twin Window Fan is a three-speed fan that you can adjust automatically or manually. You can also check out our Genesis A1 review for another fantastic and surprisingly rare three-speed fan. A programmable digital thermostat also allows you to maintain a preset temperature throughout the day or to maintain certain temperatures at different times throughout the day. Additionally, you can check out these great magnetic screen doors to allow you to use your front or back door to allow fresh air into the home for more cooling.


The Bionaire Dual Window Fan is equipped with built-in adjustable extender locks so you can fit the fan into almost any window easily and securely. There are two additional three-inch extender panels included with the fan just for that extra level of security. But if that seems like a little too much for you, consider the Air King fan instead.

Noise/Sound Level

The Bionaire Dual Window Fan claims to make little noise which allows the fan to be used in a bedroom or office without much issue. Unfortunately, an exact dB rating is not given, which would have been very helpful. Customer reviews have stated the fan does make a bit of noise, but it’s nothing you can’t amount to a little background noise.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Bionaire Dual Window Fan comes included with a full-featured remote control so you can control the airflow of the fan without having to leave your desk or sofa. It also comes with an Illuminated LED display which gives it that extra nudge of modernity and makes your current settings much easier to read. If you want a more technologically advanced fan, check out the Bionaire Fan review.


The Bionaire Dual Window Fan, like Holmes Fan, is actually on the cheaper side of window fans. It retails for $70.00 and, with all the modern features it touts, is worth every penny. Its power consumption is also on the low side, anywhere between 40-80 watts, so you’ll be saving a little more on your energy bills with the fan!

Bionaire Dual Window Fan Wrap Up

The Bionaire Dual Window Fan encompasses all the modern and versatile features you’d like in a window fan. The only downsides are a lack of exact measurements of features, like a dB rating. Still, the name of the game with this fan is modernity and safety. And with extra extender locks included, it’s been achieved.