Biohazard Knives Are Built To Take Down The Zombie Hordes

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Updated June 27, 2022


It’s an axiom everybody who read the Zombie Survival Guide cover to cover knows in detail: Namely, that blades don’t need reloading. But, if you happen to think the undead hordes appreciate style, there’s a set of blades handy for you to take them down with. These also double as some of the best survival knives out there. For another way to stay safe on your next camping trip, take a look at our stay safe in the wild with the Bear Grylls ultimate pack review too,

Right In The Brain Case

Essentially, they’re a set of blades designed to look cool, which, well, they do. Probably the most practical is the “Hexad” axe. Yes, they all have names that sound like they came off a metal album from the ’80s. These knives are so badass, you’ll need to add it one or two your best disaster kit.

Anyway, the Bloodline has a few holes that seem to fit standard bolts. Either that or they just thought hexagons looked cool. Either way, you might actually use it. The rest are more… decorative. For another portable knife option, you might also be interested in our review of the Wiss Auto-Retracting utility knife.

Zombies Must Go

They include “Lilith’s Kiss”, “Quick Kill” and “Bloodline”. See, we weren’t kidding about the heavy metal covers. Anyway, they’re mostly built to be neat looking with neon green handes and black stainless steel blades. Just to complete the picture, they come with black nylon sheathes, which is probably a good thing since these things seem actively dangerous. We do like the one where the blade guards your knuckles, though. That seems like one you could put some weight behind, pop open a few zombie noggins. If you really want to be ready to fight, you’ll also like our review of the hidden ninja belt knife.

There are also shuriken available, because of course.
There are also shuriken available, because of course.

Pretty Blades

OK, so, for the most part, nobody is taking these all that seriously. Nor should they, since they’re obviously intended for collectors and for people who want to make a few jokes about being prepared for the undead. Still, if you are a collector, or you just want to run around with a few silly blades for a laugh, these are actually fairly economically priced: You can get the whole set for just $48.

And really, isn’t it worth $48 to have something that can kill zombies and look cool doing it?

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