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Updated August 30, 2022

When finding the right desk for your at-home workstation, you are likely debating whether a bike desk vs a standing desk or even a Zero-G vs standing desk would be better. The best standing desks promote standing instead of sitting when possible. A bicycle desk (desk bike) allows you to stay active while using a standing or sitting desk. And, if you didn’t know, you can also use a standing desk or stability ball for better health benefits, too.


  • A standing desk, particularly a sit-stand desk, promotes improved posture when appropriately aligned.
  • Bike desks and other active desks increase activity throughout the day, but they often decrease your energy.
  • An active workspace increases calorie burn and weight loss compared to a sitting one.

These desks feature a design that incorporates ergonomics to improve posture and reduce neck and back pain while increasing the number of calories burnt every day. To maximize your solution, consider whether you want an adjustable vs fixed standing desk.

Insider Tip

A bike desk increases your physical activity throughout the day.

Desk With an Exercise Bike vs a Standing Desk

A standing desk reduces the physical impact on the body from sitting all day by increasing calorie burn and improving specific medical issues. Meanwhile, a desk exercise bike enhances some of these health benefits, but it may take longer to complete tasks. This is because as you increase the bike’s resistance and speed, you’ll experience a decrease in productivity.

However, you may notice an increase in motivation throughout the day. Since bike desks increase your overall physical activity compared to a standing desk, they may lead to improved heart health and a significant reduction in satiety. If the shape of your desk is a concern, learn about the differences between a contoured vs a rectangle standing desk for unusual office spaces.


Most active desks do not prompt a significant increase in productivity compared to their standing or sitting counterparts. Many models cannot be used while typing, writing, or reading without losing fine motor function. You may be able to work while exercising at lower speeds, but faster speeds will cause shaking in relation to the movement of your body.

When you use a bike desk, consider keeping your speed low. Your body will react to the motion, but you won’t affect your productivity as much. Some specialized under-the-desk equipment, called desk cycles instead of desk bikes, offer smoother pedaling with increased magnetic resistance to prevent too much motion while cycling.


Active desks keep you moving throughout the workday. As a result, you may feel more motivated to do tasks for your job, especially if using an under-desk bike. Because your body is staying active, your mind will stay active, too. However, some claim that you take energy away from your work while you exercise.

Of course, standing desk manufacturers state that standing while working also increases your mood and motivation. It’s not clear what this change is directly linked to, but it’s generally accepted that a sit-stand desk offers multiple positions that further increase motivation by allowing you to stand when you want to and sit when you want to.


Bike desks may help improve cardiovascular health. These sitting exercise desks promote greater circulation in your legs, something that both sitting and standing desks have issues with. Keep in mind, to avoid any issues with sitting or standing, it’s a good idea to invest in a sit-stand desk, if using a bike desk doesn’t appeal to you. As a result of this increased blood flow, users may see a decrease in leg pain, foot pain, and leg or foot swelling. Some bicycle desk products come in standing models for use with a standing desk.

Standing desks help improve some health issues, such as obesity and diabetes. Additionally, they reduce back pain and neck pain in office workers who typically sit hunched over close to their desktop monitors. However, they cause blood to pool in the legs while the worker is not moving. To reduce this problem, use an anti-fatigue mat or move around occasionally.

With that in mind, have a look at our comparison article discussing two standing desks: Human Solution vs Herman Miller.


Standing for long periods of time can lead to pain or swelling of the legs and feet, so you should have an adjustable sit-stand desk or a separate sitting workspace.


Are under-the-desk bicycles the next standing desk?

Many people still prefer standing desks to under-desk bike products because of the differences in energy and productivity. The same can be said for a desk elliptical or desk treadmill.

How do I transition to standing more?

Start standing for shorter periods of time. For example, stand for about five minutes before switching to your sitting desktop position. Then, gradually increase the number of times you stand and how long you stand each time.

Can you lose weight with a desk cycle?

Desk cycles increase your activity, so it is possible to lose weight while using one. However, you may not see a significant loss without using the bike for long periods of time at higher speeds. It depends on several factors, including your age, activity level, and weight.

STAT: In order to keep the bike in place and stop your chair from swiveling, you will need to pedal downward. (source)

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