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Bikase SuperBand Is the All-Purpose Bike Storage You Need

Bikase Superband
The Superband is a must-have biking accessory.

If you’ve searched for bike accessories lately, you probably know that the market is crazy crowded right now, fueled in part by many, many Kickstarters offering their own little bike products for various uses. To succeed in the market these days, a product has to be universally useful, have a variety of options for use, and be affordable. Bikase’s latest successful project, SuperBand, is an excellent example of this sweet spot.

SuperBand lets you store stuff on your bike. It’s a simple concept with some really smart design behind it. You can attach this product literally anywhere on your back, locking it onto any available bar with sturdy straps. The band then provides a solid, safe surface with durable elastic bands that allow you to strap in anything that you want.

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When we say anything, we mean anything. The size of the mount and the elastic strapping bands was very wisely chosen. It can easily hold a smartphone, wrap around a rolled-up blanket, secure a water bottle, protect your jacket, keep your sunglasses safe, store foodstuffs…and pretty much anything else you want in the “smaller than a breadbox” category (okay, it’s actually recommended for items 3 inches or less in diameter, but there’s some wiggle room here.

Superband Diagram

Just a few possibilities…

The construction also makes it easy to unhook and put on a different part of your bike for different items – or move to another bike, or vehicle, as needed. The versatility is definitely the SuperBand’s strongest point. It doesn’t matter if you’re biking downtown for a park picnic or mountain biking on a new trail, you have a reason to use it. You can easily buy more than one for multiple storage choices as well.

The price is also just-right too: You can pick one up for $25. Bikase has a variety of other products, but we have to say that this one offers the most for the money, especially if you don’t have many storage options already present on your bike.

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