From toenails to tampons to q-tips and band-aids, the toilet can often times be more than your average turd guzzler.  The Johnny Jolter Power Plunger helps to remove those unsightly unflushables by applying up to 25 pounds of water pressure where it’s most needed.

Retailing for $30, the Johnny Jolter Power Plunger forces the water through the “hole” and restores flow.  Boasting ergonomics for ease and comfort, this may be an essential item to have around “just in case”.  I can see the YouTube water fight right now.


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  1. Absolutely no idea what the other commenter is talking about. I bought one of these today and it’s the best plunger I’ve ever used. A toilet that was hopelessly clogged with a too many paper towels and dog “accident” mess was taking around 6 hours to drain, even after repeated applications with a conventional plunger over the period of a day. Two applications of the Johnny Jolter – about 30 seconds of work – opened it up like magic. I’m now throwing away all my conventional plungers. This one should work equally well on sinks and bathtubs. I’m going to guess it can also clean clogged bathroom drains that would usually require a chemical drain opener.

    After using, you can completely take the Johnny Jolter apart for a thorough cleaning of the components before reassembly and storing. The internal rubber/plastic seal is lubricated with petroleum jelly or even coconut oil that you might have in your kitchen pantry. The product is made in the USA and assembled by disabled veterans. What’s not to like?

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