BIC Acoustech PL-200 II Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Probably one of the best subwoofers you can get for the money, the BIC Acoustech Pl-200 II far surpasses the America F12 from BIC’s lineup and even offers you the amazing 1000W peak power outage. If you’d rather have a subwoofer specifically for gaming, you should read our SVS SV-1000 gaming subwoofer review instead. For a great home speaker, take a look at our Yamaha TSX-80 desktop audio system (has looks, but is too overpriced) if you’ve got extra money to spend. It comes with dual ports on the front, a gold plated terminal and a great wide frequency response range, all packed into a very solid, slightly large, yet actually good looking addition to your home theatre system. If you’re having a hard time casting audio to your speaker, solve this problem in our ROCKI PLAY review.

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Why We Like It – BIC Acoustech PL-200 II

With a price similar to the Polk Audio PSW505, the BIC Acoustech Pl-200 II offers you one of the best sound qualities with an astounding 1000W peak power output and a wide frequency range of 21-200Hz making it possible for you to listen to the near inaudible low frequencies the human ear can take in. And with a pretty sleek design ,which although is on the larger end of subwoofers, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II is an aesthetic addition to your home theatre system. If this is a second speaker for your home, take a look at the Involve Audio Surround Master SM 465 review for surround sound. You should also read our review of the Audi/B&O Telescoping speaker system. 

  • Excellent specs for a very affordable price
  • Solid and Capable design
  • Dual ports
  • Large size
  • A bit of rattling at high volume levels


Living upto the amount of space it takes up, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II subwoofer comes with a gold plated terminal and two ports upfront, each measuring 9 x 2 Inches making your audio clear and distortion free. What makes its huge size worth it is the astounding 1000Watts of dynamic peak output from the Bash Amplifier which will make your audio bass powered to the fullest without any form of distortion or noise. Apart from that you get a 250 Watts RMS continuous power output which is more than capable of filling your entire room with a deep bass powered and clarified sound. This is especially extraordinary at the frequency range of 50 to 70Hz giving you that extra audio feel in your chest.

Moreover, this powered subwoofer makes your home theater all the more better, as it comes with a frequency response range of 21-200Hz, standing out with audio near the limit of what the human ear can hear. It makes watching those action movies much more fun and enjoyable to watch with gunshots and explosions being as vibrant in audio as they are on the screen.

Furthermore, offering you a good amount of functionality, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II also brings to you a number of controls on its back panel. You get the options of a variable crossover knob, a volume control as well as the power switch which also comes with an automatic on and off setting. Thus with all that, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II provides you with both a great sound quality and power efficiency in an easy to use system.


Weighing 45 pounds and having dimensions of 17.25 x 14.875 x 19.5 Inches, the BIC Acoustech Pl-200 II is most certainly large. It measures to be larger than more compact options like the Polk Audio PSW10, but if you can get past that, the performance and solid build of the PL-200 II is most certainly worth it. The cabinet is made of the standard MDF but unlike other subwoofers in this price range, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II comes with a hand-rubbed lacquer on certain surfaces. This along with the shiny black look and the speakers sleek metallic center will give your home theater a new stylish and elegant look. You will have to take out the front cover to expose the speaker and so it’s great that this is made much easier thanks to the removable capability of it.

The design and the ports which prevent much of the rattling makes placing the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II as easy as ever. You don’t have to pay much attention to the space at the rear as the driver can still push out a lot of air. As for the input and output ports, you get speaker-level inputs and outputs which also allow you to pair it with any older two-channel receiver.


Priced at $300, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II offers a whole lot greater performance than the $200 BIC America F12. It comes with an astounding peak performance and even though that doesn’t play a big part in the performance, you still get a wide frequency response range along with a really great build and a premium design. And so, getting all of that at just $300, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II is a great subwoofer at a great price.

BIC Acoustech PL-200 II Wrap Up

While it most certainly isn’t small in size, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II won’t disappoint you or the $300 you spend on it. It’s a small increase in price from the Polk Audio PSW505 but a great leap in performance thanks to a good power output from the speaker and a pretty amazing frequency response range. Thus, if you can spend a slightly bit more money on a subwoofer, the BIC Acoustech PL-200 II is probably one of the best additions you can make to your home theatre system.

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