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The BESV TRB1 is in our running for the best mid-drive electric bike in large part due to its Brose motor, offering tremendous power relative to its weight. If you’re looking for an electric mountain bike, the BESV TRB1 is an appealing choice for its streamlined design, simple display screen, and companion app.

Why We Like It – BESV TRB1

The BESV TRB1 is an impressive electric bike with a sleek design. The Brose Mid motor that it sports offers considerable power relative to its weight and runs quietly. At a glance, this electric mountain bike could easily be mistaken for a motorcycle or sports bike, but it’s legal to ride on trails or as an off-highway vehicle.

  • Runs quietly.
  • Brose motor offers considerable power relative to its weight.
  • Incredibly lightweight option.
  • Plastic casing can get in the way of pedaling.
  • Navigating some features of the LCD can be difficult.

Durability & Build Quality

The BESV TRB1 was engineered and customized with the preferences of electric mountain bike enthusiasts in mind. It sports an aluminum dual-tube frame that supports its large battery and offers full dual-tube suspension. The plastic casing covering the 8lb battery isn’t uncommon for electric bikes and features an elegant aerodynamic design. However, there have been some complaints that it gets in the way of pedaling. If the frame’s casing is a deal-breaker, the Trek Verve+ may be a good alternative for its more traditional frame design.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

BESV mountain bikes are no slouch when it comes to speed; with three levels of assist mode, you can reach speeds up to 20Mph easily. The BESV TRB1 is built with a Brose Mid motor, one of the best on the market with a tremendous power to weight ratio, and all while being one of the quietest options on the market. The Brose motor’s torque is nothing to sneeze at, capable of climbing steep hills and long-distance travel for city transit.

Range & Battery

The BESV TRB1 electric mountain bike offers some jaw-dropping range. The 756 watt-hours that this electric bike’s battery offers means that you can expect anywhere from 45 to 115 miles of range. The battery is a whopping 8lbs and can be charged inside or outside of the bike in 6 hours if you manage to deplete the battery fully. Bulls ebikes, the Bulls Iconic EVO TR 1 in particular, offer a shorter charge time but slightly lower range putting the BESV TRB1 in a class all its own.

Safety features

The TRB1 features a walk-assist to make carrying it up steep inclines and stairs easy, saving your back the trouble, and it’s LCD outputs battery life. The downtube bumper offers the protection from mud and debris you would expect from most electric mountain bikes and is sturdily affixed. The TRB1 also features RockShox Yari air suspension in the front and a RockShox Monarch Air Suspension rear frame to meet demanding terrain head-on. The lack of a built-in head or tail light makes night biking risky, odd given that competitors like the Cube compact electric bike come with these by default.


The BESV TRB1 is a highly customized electric mountain bike, and its price will reflect that. The parts that were used to manufacture this machine make it a powerhouse and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth assuming that the four thousand price tag doesn’t put you off. The massive battery holds a charge for a long time. If need be, its 115-mile range can carry you tremendous distances when stacked against other electric bikes.


If you’re in the market for a high powered electric mountain bike the BESV TRB1 is an attractive option for it’s Brose motor and lightweight frame. The battery makes zipping around cities and commuting to work a breeze, and screaming through hills easy as cake. If you find a brick and mortar store to check out this bike, please try it out or at least ask to check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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