6 Best Workbenches in 2023

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Updated February 18, 2023

To help you find the best workbenches for your garage or shop, we purchased and tested over 15 options over the course of several different woodworking and other home improvement projects. As we used each workbench, we primarily measured its overall utility and usefulness in improving your work environment. We also looked at features like storage capacity, build quality and overall durability that make these some of the best tools for work.

After our testing, it was easy to pick the 2x4basics 90164 Custom Workbench as our top pick for this year. It’s completely customizable so you can build a workbench that fits your needs and preferences. The included hardware makes this easy to build without complicated cutting or installation steps. Keep reading below to learn more about the 2x4basics Custom Workbench and the other best workbenches on our list.

Top 6 Best Workbenches

 #1  2x4basics 90164 Custom Workbench


WHY WE LIKE IT: This pick is a do-it-yourself workbench that gives you complete freedom over configuration and materials. The included legs and brackets are super tough and feature 90-degree angles for easier installation.

  • Best DIY and highly configurable
  • Extra durable legs and brackets
  • Doesn’t require miter or angle cuts
  • Lumber not included

If you’re looking to have complete control over the materials and overall build quality of your workbench, then don’t pass up the 2x4basics 90165. This is a custom workbench that doesn’t include any lumber, just the brackets, legs and shelf attachments. And while this will take you longer to build and install, it’s hard to beat in terms of flexibility and building something to your liking. Aside from the actual workbench table, it even includes brackets for building a shelving unit on top of the table. All this amounts to an option that allows you to use the best workbench plans to create a fully customizable working space.

The included legs and brackets are built extremely well and they’re extra sturdy to handle whatever you choose to build. They’re made from heavy-gauge structural resin that enables each shelf on the table to hold up to an impressive 1,000 pounds. The legs are also made with 90-degree angles so you can simply use 2×4 lumber without any miter or angled cuts. If you like DIY work, you might want to also check out the best plastic restorer.

 #2  UltraHD Lighted Workbench


WHY WE LIKE IT: This workbench is incredibly sturdy and stable with a steel frame and it adds additional visibility with the integrated light fixture. It’s also got tons of storage with both a pegboard and two drawers suspended under the table.

  • Includes pegboard and drawer storage
  • Integrated fluorescent light fixture
  • Steel frame for better stability
  • Instructions are hard to read
  • Long installation process

The UltraHD Lighted Workbench is one of the sturdier options on our list with a heavy-duty steel frame and leveling feet that help you account for any uneven ground in your workshop. The top of the table is made from beech hardwood, which is on par with oak for durability and longevity. It measures 1.5 inches thick, which is a good amount for both durability and versatility in attaching clamps or vices.

One of the best features on the UltraHD workbench is the integrated fluorescent light fixture, which gives you the ability to work at any time of the day or in any lighting situation. We were also impressed to find a power strip built into the workbench as well, which gives you more versatility for powering your tools directly from the table instead of scrounging for an outlet in your shop. The other great thing about the UltraHD workbench is the additional storage you get. With two drawers suspended below the table and a pegboard on top, you won’t need anything else to have an organized workbench. You’ll just need to grab the best grease gun to get started on your next project.

 #3  Fedmax Mobile Garage Workbench


WHY WE LIKE IT: When it comes to portability and adjustability, you can’t go wrong with this workbench. With convenient casters and legs that can be raised and lowered, this option can fit almost anywhere in your space.

  • Fast and simple assembly
  • Strong acacia hardwood top
  • Height adjustable
  • Tabletop only 1” thick
  • Height adjustment not the fastest

The Fedmax Mobile Garage workbench is extra portable due to its inclusion of heavy-duty and smooth-moving casters. You also have the option of using leveling feet instead of the casters, if you so choose. However, we recommend using the casters in order to get the most use out of the workbench. The casters include locks so you can keep the table in place when you have it where you want it. The steel legs are also adjustable from 28 inches to 44 inches in height. Adjusting the height can be a little difficult, though, since you need to unscrew the retaining bolts and manually lift the table. We recommend getting it to the height you need before starting to work on it.

Another impressive feature of the Fedmax is its durable construction. For starters, the tabletop is made of extra-durable acacia hardwood. Acacia is one of the best hardwoods available for workbenches because it prevents scratches and other damage from happening. Unfortunately, the top is thinner than we would have liked, at only one inch, but the added durability of the acacia wood makes up for this downside. The Fedmax also features a hardy steel frame that can hold upwards of 1000 pounds. This workbench will have room for all of your needs, including the best duct tape.

 #4  Seville Classics UltraHD Workbench


WHY WE LIKE IT: You can adjust the height on this workbench to fit your specific needs and space. It’s also an overall durable option with powder-coated steel legs and a scratch-resistant coat on the tabletop surface.

  • 1000 pound capacity
  • Can adjust workbench height
  • Durable hardwood top
  • Height adjustment requires two people
  • Thinner 1.5” top

The Seville Classics UltraHD workbench is one of the simpler options on our list with just a tabletop and legs. However, it measures in at just 4 feet wide and 2 feet long, making it a great option for home garages or smaller workspaces. In spite of its smaller size, the Seville workbench provides a lot of utility and durability. While the top of the workbench isn’t the thickest at just 1.5 inches, it’s still made out of durable hardwood with an anti-scratch coating. The steel legs are sturdy and are also powder-coated for resistance against scratches. You can also use the best adjustable wrench to maintain the steel legs.

This workbench is also adjustable, which is incredibly helpful when you want the added versatility. However, it needs to be manually adjusted by two people unscrewing the bolts holding the legs together, lifting to the wanted height and then screwing the bolts back in. Fortunately, you won’t need any additional tools to do this since the bolts feature screw-in knobs, which also make the whole process much easier on your hands. All of these features combined with the 1,000-pound capacity make this a truly excellent choice. If you like this workbench, you might also want to look at the best axe.

 #5  Keter Folding Workbench


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you need portability without sacrificing durability or utility, you can’t go wrong with this workbench. It folds into a more compact package for easier transport and is built from a heavy-duty resin that can still handle tough jobs.

  • Made with heavy-duty, very resistant resin
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Includes wood clamps
  • Height isn’t adjustable
  • Not as stable as other workbenches on list

The Keter Folding Workbench makes it onto our list because of how portable and compact it is. If you’re always on the go but still need the utility that a workbench provides, then this option is a stellar choice for you. It’s big enough to handle a miter saw and even includes two 12-inch wood clamps for even further woodworking. That’s what makes this option the best woodworking workbench you can buy.

Of course, the best feature of this workbench is the folding functionality. When you’re done working for the day, simply fold it up and take it with you. Even better yet, this lightweight and portable design is still incredibly durable. The Keter is made from heavy-duty resin that can be used outside without worrying about the elements. The legs are made from aluminum, as well, which isn’t as stable as other options, but still sturdy enough for such a convenient solution. If you’re using this workbench for metalwork, take a look at the best plasma cutter too.

 #6  Milwaukee 48-22-8560 Workbench


WHY WE LIKE IT: This workbench is mobile and offers tons of storage space in the form of both a pegboard and drawers. It also features 20-gauge steel construction for an incredibly durable product.

  • Impressive 2200-pound weight capacity
  • Includes smooth, sturdy casters
  • Build from 20-gauge steel
  • Most expensive option on our list
  • Extremely heavy

The Milwaukee 48-22-8560 is an all-in-one workbench that gives you a durable top, tons of drawer storage, a pegboard for tool storage and a six-outlet power strip. Each of the drawers can hold up to 100 pounds and the total weight capacity of the entire bench is a whopping 2,200 pounds. This workbench has got it all, but you better be prepared to pay for it, seeing as it’s the most expensive option on our list. If you need more tools to add to your workbench, check out our guide to the best wood polish.

The Milwaukee workbench and pegboard also features six individual casters so you can roll it easily around your garage or shop. This is a necessary feature since the unit is incredibly heavy at just over 400 pounds. However, the casters are sturdy and smooth, and they feature locking brakes so you can keep it from getting away from you. The Milwaukee is so heavy because of its 20-gauge steel construction, which is super durable and will last you for many years to come.

How We Decided

The first and foremost concern we had when testing the best workbenches was overall usefulness and utility. You don’t want to spend potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars on a workbench just to find that it doesn’t really work that well for work. As such, we measured each option based on its storage capabilities and overall durability. The best workbenches have thick tops that are coated with scratch-resistant materials. We awarded bonus points to options that featured frames built from heavy-duty steel but featured a variety of different workbench top materials.

We also considered storage options during our testing. While having additional storage isn’t a requirement, we only included both options that have built-in storage or that were open and simple enough to allow you to add storage. We gave bonus points if the storage on the workbenches was sturdy and roomy. Additionally, if your workspace is in your garage, like a lot of people, consider some great overhead garage storage to help increase not only your work area but your storage space as well.

Finally, we factored in portability and mobility. While these weren’t requirements to make it onto our list, we appreciated options that could be easily placed or moved around your workshop. Features like caster wheels or foldable designs add value to your workbench. However, if you know you aren’t going to be moving your bench after you install it, then these features don’t make much of a difference.

Best Workbench Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Workbench Stye
    The style of workbench you purchase depends largely on what kind of projects you typically work on and how much space you have in your workshop or garage. A standard workbench table tends to be the most versatile and customizable. Workbench cabinets give you more storage capacity. Workbenches with pegboards give you more options for organizing your tools and giving you easier access to them. Portable workbenches are great for limited spaces and can be easily moved around as needed.
  2. Height and Width
    How big do you want your workbench to be? If you’re always working on large-scale projects, a workbench that’s longer is going to better fit your needs. However, if you don’t have a lot of space in your garage or shop, you’ll definitely need to consider something more compact. When it comes to height, you’ll find that most workbenches are between 33 and 36 inches tall, which tends to work best for most people’s body height. However, you can always purchase workbenches taller or shorter if you need it, and you can even purchase height-adjustable options to give you greater flexibility.
  3. Materials
    The materials that your workbench is made out of are important to consider when it comes to durability and the kinds of projects you can do. Wood workbenches are some of the most common and strongest workbenches available. Plastic workbenches are more affordable and lightweight, and they’re perfect for electrical projects since they are non-conductive. Steel workbenches are rare and expensive, but they’re the most durable around and are best for projects that involve oil or solvents.

Workbench FAQs

How thick should my workbench top be?

Your workbench top should be at least a few inches thick. Most working professionals recommend tops with a thickness of three inches, but no greater than 4.25 inches. This way you can use clamps, vices and more tools with ease. This thickness is also durable and long-lasting.

What is the best height for a woodworking bench?

Ultimately, the best height for a woodworking bench is one that matches your body’s height. For most average heights, a worktop bench with a height of 33 to 36 inches is perfect. However, you may want to consider a bench with adjustable height if you’re shorter or taller than average.

What’s the best top for a workbench?

Wood tends to be the best material for workbench tops. However, you can also purchase options with tops made from plastic or durable resin. With those options, you need to be aware that they may not be as durable as wood.

What is the best wood for a workbench top?

The best wood for workbench tops tends to be MDF or hardwood. These are more durable and MDF can be sanded down in case it becomes damaged. Many people also place a layer of plywood on top of their workbench top which can be easily replaced if needed.
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